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Morning all,

I'm just after a little bit of help with my HTC one. I'm new to android so I have followed a guide on how to unlock the bootloader, root my phone and install a custom recovery using TWRP from your website. I wanted to install the google edition on my htc one but I couldn't get s-off.

Anyway I still have the original stock operating system on my phone now I haven't flashed a custom ROM or anything but I have a system update available to me but I can't install it, everytime I click install now the phone reboots into TWRP and i'm not sure how to install it. Could anybody help please?


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You can't install OTAs with a custom recovery. You'll have to reflash the stock recovery. Also, if you take the OTA, you'll likely upgrade HBOOT which may prevent you from being able to unlock the bootloader.

Does this answer still stand? I'm sure I saw an article somewhere about how to get around this without reflashing the stock recovery. If not then I think I'm screwed, as no one seems to have my particular stock rom :(

Thanks for your reply.

I think I should probably have looked into everything and got familiar with android before I started rooting my phone, i'm learning though thanks to this website.


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