News: HTC's Gallery App Updated with New Tagging & Editing Modes (APK Inside)

HTC's Gallery App Updated with New Tagging & Editing Modes (APK Inside)

With most of HTC's staff working on getting Sense updated to Android Lollipop, their piecemeal approach to individual app updates now comes to their Gallery app. The new update is available for all HTC devices running KitKat, but if you have the HTC Service Pack installed, it will run on any Android device running 4.4 or above.

Photo Tagging

You can now add tags to your photos, but these aren't Facebook-style face tags. Instead, they act as filter tags, allowing you to tag photos as "siblings" or "family" to avoid scrolling through all of your albums to find your family photos. If you'd rather stick with scrolling through your photos, there have been improvements to the Timeline view, with the new additions of Grid and Feed views.

Face Fusion

Also included in this update is the Face Fusion editor mode that was introduced in the recent Eye Experience camera update. With it, you will finally be able to see what the lovechild between you and Katy Perry would look like.

This update should be rolling out to your device in short order, but if you're the impatient type or have an incompatible device, grab a copy of the new APK, courtesy of Android Police, from here. And be sure to share your own Face Fusions with us in the comment section below, or over on Facebook or Twitter.

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