How To: Instantly Scroll Back Up to the Top of Any App on Your HTC One

Instantly Scroll Back Up to the Top of Any App on Your HTC One

Like most of you, I find myself scrolling through endless lists of Facebook feeds, Instagram lists, and tweets. Most of the time, it's a pain to scroll all the way back up to the top. Unlike iOS devices, Android has never had a solution to quickly scrolling to the top of a list in an app, but now with a simple Xposed mod, that hole has been filled.

Statusbar Scroll to Top is an Xposed module created by popular XDA developer MohammadAG that does exactly what it says. With this module installed, you will be able to tap your status bar and instantly scroll to the top of your currently running app—just like how it works on iPads and iPhones.

Like with any other Xposed module, make sure your HTC One is rooted, has the Xposed Framework installed, and has "Unknown sources" enabled.

From your app drawer, open Xposed Installer and tap on the Download section. Scroll down until you see Statusbar Scroll to Top and download the module by tapping the Download button.

After the download completes and you have installed it, make sure you activate the module in Xposed Installer and reboot your device.

Once rebooted, head to Facebook or Twitter, scroll down a bit (or a lot), then tap your status bar once. Boom, right back to the top!

Now there are a few apps that do not allow this functionality, most notably Google Chrome, but aside from that, scrolling back has never been easier.

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