How To: Set Your HTC One to S-OFF Using Moonshine on Windows

Set Your HTC One to S-OFF Using Moonshine on Windows

If you still have time left on your warranty, taking your HTC One in for repairs can be a serious pain if you've modified it in any way. To avoid the chance that they'll reject your phone because it's been tampered with, you'll have to return it to stock condition.

To Do This, You'll Need to S-OFF

Not only does this let you install the ROM Update Utility (RUU) that will restore the original firmware, it lets you get rid of the messages in your bootloader and splash screen that say your HTC One has been unlocked or relocked.

As a cool bonus, S-OFF (which stands for Security-OFF) can also trick your phone into letting you install an RUU for a different phone (such as the Developer or Google Play Edition).

Prepare Your Computer

If you don't already have them, you'll need to download and install the HTC drivers and Android SDK tools onto your computer. If you previously rooted your HTC One using my softModder guide to unlocking the bootloader and rooting, you should already have everything. If not...

Step 1: HTC Sync Drivers

You can get the drivers needed using the HTC Sync Manager, but you should uninstall Sync Manager from your computer after installing. The drivers will remain installed, but the HTC Sync program itself will interfere with Moonshine (the S-OFF Program we'll be using).

Step 2: Android SDK Tools

You'll also need the Mini SDK from Android Forums. More info can be found in this thread. You may need to create an account to download it.

Step 3: Download Moonshine

Moonshine is the easiest way to achieve S-OFF on the HTC One. Download the appropriate file for your version of the One and your operating system, and extract the zip to a folder of your choice.

Step 4: Sync Moonshine with SDK Tools

Moonshine needs to be able to run adb and fastboot, which are tools from the Android SDK. To make this happen (in Windows), right-click My Computer, click Properties, Advanced System Settings, and Environment Variables.

Under User Variables, click Path, Edit, and at the end of the line, add a semicolon and the directory to your SDK tools. Do the same for the Path under System Variables and click OK to close the several windows we used to get here.

Prepare Your Phone

Before connecting your HTC One to your computer, there are a few things you'll want to do, like disabling the lock screen and enabing USB debugging.

Step 5: Disable Lock Screen

Go to Settings -> Personalize -> Lock screen style and select No lock screen.

Step 6: Enable USB Debugging

Go to Settings -> Developer Options, turn them on (the toggle is at the top right), and check the box next to USB debugging.

Step 7: Run Moonshine

Connect your HTC One to the computer, but stick to USB 2.0 ports (the newer 3.0 has connectivity issues). Run distiller.exe from the folder where you extracted Moonshine. Read all the messages and answer Yes to any prompts. It's pretty simple, but watch the video above for a full demonstration.

Step 8: Enjoy S-OFF! But Be Careful...

Having S-OFF will let you trick your HTC One into installing other phones' RUU files. As long as you only install compatible RUUs, you should be fine, but make sure to double check. This is how real bricks happen.

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How easy is it to revert back to S-ON (For warranty purposes?)

It's easy enough. There are plenty of guides out there, but I'll try to make one in the future.

My device is stuck in Moonshine. Now on moonshining <9>

I got that a couple of times. Just double check all the steps and try again.

Hmmm - annoyingly I cannot get computer to talk to my device for love nor money. USB Debugging is most definitely on - adb devices and fastboot devices doesn't give me any joy.

Do I have to have unlocked the bootloader prior to doing this?

No, but make sure you have the latest version of the Google USB driver. Better yet, follow this guide.

The Moonshine website dosen't have an appropriate file for my version of the One. It's running 2.24.401.1.

How do I get S-OFF?

You can downgrade if you can find the correct ROM version for your carrier, or try revone.

My Moonshine times out when it's waiting for the ADB, despite the fact that it's in the same folder as the distiller.exe. There weren't any paths in the computer advanced settings, so I had to create my own, could that be why this isn't working?

My phone is already rooted and unlocked. It's running Android Revolution HD 10.2

If you haven't already, check out this guide to make sure your ADB is set up correctly.

I'm having the same problem as carlos. I was able to take it a bit further (via some of your other guides) to determine that while I can load adb devices, anything I try to do to them, even read the model ID via command line, fails.

You booted in the fastboot? Have you updated your Google USB driver?

I'm rooted and unlocked. Also clean stock TMO RUU and now I get to the "Moonshining 1... 2... " etc and it counts up to 10, errors out with a message that says "Error: Don't drink and shine!!"

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Just make sure you followed all the steps. I got that once, but I forgot what step I missed.

The .11 update to the Tmobile Htc One seems to have patched turing s-off for moonshine. :(


I must have tried this multiple times hoping beyond hope that I did miss a step. Then how does one get around this? Revone also fails.

BTW... I'm aware enough to know I don't know diddly but just enough to brick a device so any advice or direction is greatly appreciated.

I don't think there is a way around this currently. Usually you can't restore an older firmware. You just have to wait until there is an S-OFF method that works. As long as your hboot is less than 1.54 revone should work.

Im stuck at test 3 Rebooting into bootloader ...pls help!

All I can say is make sure you check all of the prereqs. Use a USB 2.0 port, a good USB cable, and follow all the instructions exactly, as long as your hboot is less than 1.54 and your version number matches the Moonshine zip it should work.

When they say version number, what do they mean? the ROM? So does that mean it's supposed to only be used with stock ROMs?

Had the same problem, but it worked after I disabled Avast! anti-virus.


i'm in the uk and i have an htc one with tesco mobile. tesco mobile use o2's network.

will this guide work with my phone?


please help i right click my computer go to advanced then enviromental there is no path under user only tmp under system there is path i am using windows 7 x64

How do i know the ROM version my HTC One on to show the moonshine? I bought this outside and not sure what ROM version it has.

I am in the same situation. I bought a HTC One 802w and do not know which Chinese Variant of Moonshine I should download. Please help!

I get stuck on Step 2 but when I tested the ADB in cmd, my device was listed. I followed the instructions in making sure I have the latest Google Driver but had to add "Path" under user variables. Are there any other steps I am missing (ie. rooting, bootloader unlock, etc.)?

There is no Verizon version of Moonshine? Can't seen to find it.

there is no moonshine of 2.24.401.8??

I unfortunately recently ran all software updates on the HTC One I bought in Canada registered under Rogers. The software number is 3.22.631.1. I can't find a Moonshine version that matches this. What are my options to complete S-OFF? It might just be late right now but I don't think I have the knowledge to run RevONE. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I keep getting ERROR- run Moonshine again and READ. I followed all the steps. I can see my device when i run adb devices.

Hi, I have HTC One with android 4.3 installed? The feature "DISABLE LOCK SCREEN" is missing in this version. Can I skip this step? Thanks

i have done all the step my htc is unlocked rooted and runing with 4.3 jellybean with rom version 3.62.401.1 but i can't find moonshine for this version and when i try to s-off with other moonshine version i get an Error- run Moonshine again and READ... plzz help...

can you use this program if you are stuck in bootloader?

No, the adb commands needs to be ran while the phone is booted to regular Android.

My One have not got developer options so i cant enable usb debugging. Pls help.

Thanks. I have a problem with the moonshine rom versions. I have 6.09.401.11 which is not in the list. I cant downgrade without s-off, and revone is not working because of an error: failed to open framebuffer device.

Anybody can help?

im stuck in the bootloader! help please! phone is frozen

What command did you run before your phone became frozen?

i used the exe file and at the adb search it went to 120\120 and stopped. after that i couldnt do anything

This is meant for older Hboot versions. What device/Hboot version are you using?

its hboot 1.57 but its fine

t mobile htc 0ne m7 but its fine i fixed it

Emmmmm....went to download page of such moonshine....just cant find my version ( it's the oficial from HTS updated once: Android 4.1.1 software ver. : )...but is not listed there....what should i do? another of the "closest number versions" usable for this version i have?....should y install another rom as welll be abble to use moonshine? such case will try another way of S-OFF.... please answer me as soon as possible :) .. regards

The only method to S-Off is to use Sunshine.

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