How To: Record Phone Conversations on Any HTC One

Record Phone Conversations on Any HTC One

While the legality of recording phone conversations varies from state to state, it's still a sought-after feature for most people. How else are we going to shame all of those bad Comcast customer service reps? Since it's a legal gray area, HTC and other smartphone manufacturers have omitted call recording capabilities from their devices.

But as luck would have it, we live in a time where those restrictions are seen as challenges, and Android developer Falseclock has stepped up to the plate. With his Xposed module HTC One Tweaker, he added a ton of tweaks and mods for our HTC Ones, along with the ability to record phone calls.

Since this is an Xposed module, you will need to have a rooted HTC One, either M7 or M8, that has the Xposed Framework installed.

Step 1: Install the HTC One Tweaker Module

Unlike most Xposed mods, HTC One Tweaker is distributed through Google Play, so it can be downloaded and updated directly from the Play Store.

Once it is installed, tap the Activate and Reboot notification in your notification shade.

Step 2: Enable Call Recording

After the reboot, open up HTC One Tweaker and enable Voice Call Recording. This will add a record icon to the top right of your dialer, so all you have to do is tap it while in a call to start the record. The developer says that you don't have to reboot after enabling, but I had to on my M7.

You also have the option to enable Auto Recording of either incoming calls, outgoing calls, or both. Other options include choosing the format of your recording's names, what types of callers you want to record, and even the ability to set up an auto-delete schedule.

After you record a call, either automatically or manually, it will be placed in your Internal storage -> My Documents -> My Recordings folder.

The Extra Features Available

Just like other mod suites, HTC One Tweaker comes with System, Notification, and GUI tweaks, all of which are fully compatible with the M7 and M8.

Play around with the other features, and let us know what you like in the comments below.

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HTC One Tweaker is not available on Google play store...

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