How To: De-Bloat Your HTC One to Get a Familiar Stock Android UI—Without Rooting

De-Bloat Your HTC One to Get a Familiar Stock Android UI—Without Rooting

During last week's D11 event, Sundar Pichai, head of Google's Android division, announced that a Google Edition of the HTC One would be available for sale on June 26th in the Google Play store.

Just like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, the new HTC One will run stock Android with only minimal additions by HTC, such as Beats Audio. Already seen by many as the best Android phone in terms of hardware, this answers one of the HTC One's few criticisms.

But you don't have to wait to get a Google Edition of the HTC One to get a stock Android experience. If you already own an HTC One, you're not going to want to buy a new one anyway.

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So, in this guide, I'll be showing you how to get a stock-like experience—without rooting. Since we're doing this without root, your settings and status bar will still have that Sense look to them, but it's close enough.

Step 1: Install a New Launcher

I'll be using Nova Launcher, but Apex Launcher is also good.

Install Nova Launcher, then press Home and you'll be prompted to select a launcher. Select Nova Launcher and then Always.

Tapping and holding on the home screen lets you change your wallpaper, access Nova Launcher's settings, and add widgets, shortcuts, or Nova Actions.

Nova Actions are just functions of the launcher like opening your app drawer or viewing your recent apps.

Nova Settings lets you choose the number of home screens, how many icons you can fit on each screen, the transition animations, rotation settings, and much more.

Step 2: Install a New Lockscreen

You can pay for more features with an app like WidgetLocker, but Holo Locker has the basic features most users want.

First you'll have to disable the Sense lock screen. Open your phone's Settings, then go into Personalize and finally Lock Screen Style. Select the last option, which is No Lock Screen, and tap Apply.*

Install Holo Locker. The default settings are fine, but you can change the shortcuts on the lock screen or change rotation and status bar settings if you open Holo Locker from your app drawer.

Step 3: Add Notification Bar Quick Settings

For AOSP-style quick settings, download and install Power Toggles. Open the app, tap Enable, and customize your settings.

Visit our previous softModder tutorial for more information.

Step 4: Add Customizations

This is the fun part. If you miss some of the Sense widgets, there are similar alternatives in the Play Store. You'll find that while Sense is pretty good out of the box, launchers like Nova are much more powerful with support for gestures and more. This isn't the complete stock experience like some custom ROMs are, but it's pretty close, doesn't require root, and will make your phone feel faster.

Check out the video below for more details.

Have any questions? Ask away in the comments, or hit up the HTC softModder forum for help.

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I did mine just like this and I LOVE it!

how do you get rid of the blink feed?

Once you follow Step 1 and Step 2 in the article above, blink feed won't show up anymore.

This isn't a method of converting your htc one to pure google... This is click bait telling you to install some apps. The real and only way to make this phone pure google is

  1. Unlock bootloader
  2. Flash a vanilla rom such as cyanogen 10
  3. Customise your rom

That is the single and only real way to convert your rom

I'm working on a guide for just this. While many of us find it easy to root and install custom ROMs, there are some who don't want to get into all that and just want to have a Nexus-like experience.

The headline is a little misleading. Should be something like "Customise your HTC One for a near Google HTC One feel".

We appreciate your feedback guys. I went ahead and changed the title to better reflect the content.

You're also not really de-bloating it. De-bloating it, again, would involve rooting so you could uninstall all the bloatware system apps that come on it.

True, but having apps installed doesn't affect the RAM and performance of your device. The Sense launcher and widgets do. So this is de-bloating, just not in the way you normally think about it.

CM 10.1 is the only ROM form Cyan that is able to flash onto the device and it is only a nightly build . Furthermore , it's still known to have many issues. I WISH there was a vanilla stock android rom that worked perfectly. I would hold off since there is news of HTC delivering the choice for current ONE users to update to the vanilla version.

When the mods built off of the Google Edition HTC One are released, it'll be great. Meanwhile, CM10.1 has just gone stable. I recommend trying that.

I have a problem with my new HTC one , that lock screen style dispread ( setting --- personalize ---- display ) it should be visible under display but not as attached

I don't know maybe a bug or system setting
Kindly advise

Do you know how I can change the multitasking to look like stock or ios 7 or something like that?

Hi Victor, can you share your wallpaper, the glass building? Thanks!

Heres an imgur gallery with all the sense 5 wallpapers. The glass building is included.

Victor, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I just bought an HTC One and was struggling with the Sense interface for a couple of days. Your recommendations worked perfectly and easily! I was able to configure everything just as I desired, and it's now a great phone to use after the initial frustrations. I understand that it isn't pure Android, but it's close enough. I genuinely appreciate you sharing this guidance on-line!

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