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plz guide how to recover lost data from internal storage as i am unable to mount it on any of the available recovery tools. javascript://%20Post

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Did you perform a factory reset or wipe any of your data partitions?

I have some personal photos in my gallery and I didn't know they were stored other places in my phone. Just browsing other apps and areas I came to find them. In file manager, downloads, and etc... Very personal and private I wouldn't want any to see or know about. I thought the only location would be where I , myself had input and stored. Help me, very nervous.

hi everyone... i have mistakenly delete all of my data ( pictures, videos, songs etc ) from HTC ONE M8 internal storage.. plzz guide me how to get it all back.. i had some really important stuff and if i dont get back i will be in big trouble.. anyone plzz help out.........plzzz

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