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my htc one m8 (two months old), front camera, which was taking fantastic images, has started taking blurred images suddenly since the last few days. unable to rectify. any suggestions?

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Make sure you have taken the cover off that covers the front facing camera. Also, use a lens cloth to wipe it down afterwards.

if this problem only occur in main camera app, go to camera setting and minimize the make-up value

Whatsup bro? Are you still having this problem? If yes, here's the solution:

HTC Uses a special coating on their lenses. When this coating gets scratched/damaged, the camera will be blurry. What you'll have to do is just wipe the coating away. This won't do anything bad for the camera. I've tried this too when my front-cam became blurry and it worked fine. TUT: Q-tip with just a lil bit of toothpaste. Wipe the toothpaste softly on the lens of the front-cam for 15 sec. Afterwards wipe the lens clean with a cloth or something else. Check if your cam is fine now. If its still blurry, repeat the above again until it is clean.

Hi...does wiping the coating away really works...a bit curious..

Hey Mo lex thanks alott.. u have solved my problem.. i was having issues with my new 626G+.. thanks againn :)

Hey all. Just wanted to chime in here and say that I was having the same issue as rajeev, tried Mo Luger's tip and it worked perfectly. Thanks for this.

Side note: after 3 months, I feel like there are little issues popping up left and right, is it just me or does this thing wear & tear at an aggressive rate?

It works fine !!
Many thanks ..

OMG, thank you so much. I was having this issue with my rear camera. It had me so stressed out, I was ready to get rid of the stupid thing. But a little toothpaste, and suddenly everything is clear again!

Awesome! Worked like magic with the toothpaste!! Thanks so much!

Thanks everybody, I have the same issue with HTC Mini II, I'm wondering how can I clean the lens by toothpaste, sShould it be cleaned from outside? Would your please give me the exact tips?

Worked great! Just dab a little bit of toothpaste on the Q-tip and rub the lens. Worked perfectly!!! I wish I would've known about this sooner, because all our anniversary pictures turned out blurry. Thank you Mo!!!

I got the same problem as well. Toothpaste didn't work so well with mine but shower gel with the scrub effect worked. So I'm happy. :)

Amazing Solution!! Thanks.

i wanna know why my camera get worse by the time ???

my htc 626 camera is always really blurry and dark. Any thoughts on what to do?

sir i am using in htc x9 but front camera very poor noice coming how to cahnge plz sir

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