How To: Increase Photo & Video Quality for Your HTC One M8's Camera

Increase Photo & Video Quality for Your HTC One M8's Camera

Although lacking in megapixels, the HTC One M8's camera can be considered a top-tier, flagship-level shooter. With the Duo Camera and UltraPixel technology behind it, it can make even the most inexperienced photographer snap pictures like a pro. There seems to be little missing for the average user, but for the more seasoned photographers, some of the standard settings may seem a bit too dumbed down.

To help ease that pain, Jishnu Sur has released his own modified camera app that promises to enhance the overall user experience of your M8's camera. Most of the changes added to Jishnu's Camera Mod are under the hood, but he did also add some extra features, which we'll get to later.

This mod is only for rooted M8s with a custom recovery, so without further delay, let's get started.

Update: July 15, 2014

For undisclosed reasons, Jishnu Sur has been banned from XDA, so this mod has been removed. That means that if you're using a ROM that is currently unsupported, it's most likely going to stay that way.

However, I have updated the .zip files below to cover both 4.4.2 and 4.4.3 ROMs, so any errors should be solved. If you are unsure whether you are using a odexed or deodexed ROM, check the description of the ROM you are using. But, if you are using a 100% stock rooted M8, then you'll want the odexed version.

Step 1: Download the Mod

Jishnu's Camera is free to download, so go ahead and click the link below to get the file on your device, then reboot into your custom recovery. To do that, press and hold the Power and Volume Down for 15 seconds, then select Recovery from the bootloader menu.

For updated versions of the app, check on Jishnu's thread on XDA.

Step 2: Flash the Mod

Once you're in TWRP, tap Install and select HTC One Cam V2 from the list (unless you moved it, it'll be in your "Download" folder). After the install finishes, tap Reboot.

Step 3: Using the Mod

Jishnu's Camera replaces the stock camera app, so the layout is exactly the same. However, there will be the added bonus of having flash and self-timer added to the Burst scene mode. Along with that is better overall color reproduction in both regular and low-lighting conditions when using Normal, Auto, and HDR modes.


Auto Mode on Stock Camera. Image via Jishnu Sur


Auto Mode on Jishnu's Camera. Image via Jishnu Sur

The sound quality has also been increased from 156 to 192 kbps when recording video, which means live music recordings will sound even better! Coupled with that is a switch to CBR, or "constant bit rate", of 35 Mbps for video recordings (but that also means an increase in overall video file sizes).

As mentioned earlier, most of the changes are not obvious, so check out the list below for a full breakdown.

  • JPEG quality bumped to 95
  • Added action scene
  • Support for flash in EIS scene mode
  • Added flash for Night mode
  • Removed the fixed resolution limit for Panorama shots
  • Flash support added for Panorama shots
  • Self-timer support added for Panorama shots
  • Support speed increase to 1/9000 and set the minimum shutter speed to 1/100

It will take some practice to get the best possible shots, but check out the sample shots for yourself to see the improvements.

How to Revert Back to the Stock Camera

If you want to go back to the stock camera app, all you have to do is download the .zip that matches your device, and flash it in recovery.

If you have any questions on any of this, drop me a line down below.

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Tried this, rebooted, tried to go to Camera but it comes up with "Unfortunately, Camera has stopped."
Tried to restore the orginial following your instructions, and lost the camera altogether.

Booted back into Recovery, went through the process again of flashing the mod, rebooted and camera is back but again says it has stopped everytime I try to open it.

What model/ROM do you have? Is it rooted?

I have experienced the same issue as Jimmie.

My phone model: HTC One m8
Rom: Stock
Rooted: Yes
Recovery: TWRP 2.702

It would be nice to try the improvements you have made on the m8's camera and video. Really interested!!
Your help will be appreciated!

didn't work for me even with the version you posted (v1)

Did you get your camera fixed yet Julio?

HTC One M8
Rom: Stock
Rooted: Yes, following your guide
Recovery: TWRP:

Still no joy. Still keeps saying camera has stopped working.

Camera 360 app takes front and back camera pictures fine, just can't get the HTC camera to work at all.

I'm still looking into this issue. Replace the camera app again, erase cache from TWRP and reboot.

No effect. Still same message

I finally got my stock camera back. I hadn't tried anything for weeks, then today I gave it another shot, this time installing the 4.4.3 Odexed stock zip, cleared the cache, rebooted and it worked!

I think before I was always installing 4.4.2

I did that in my HTC one m8

And I had the same problem camera closed. I tried to put the original back but there is no option for changing any permissions.

Please help me I got no camera :/

Are you using ES File Explorer? You have to tap and hold the camera.apk and then press the menu button. You'll find permissions under properties.

Can't see any permission I'm afraid. I see the properties and under I see move to and copy to. And inside the properties menu there is no any permission or something like that. Yes I'm using Es FILE EXPLORER. please help. Thnx

You have any email to send u screenshots?

You don't see anything like this?

Yeah I see the original camera app there like your screen shot, but inside properties there is no option to change any permissions. And I see no .odex file neither

How can I transfer camera.odex to system/apps?

Every time i try, using ES File explorer, it just results in the phone suddenly switching off and restarting, and doesn't copy the odex over.

Link for the .odex file please?

Well I can't extract it comes with an error camera.apk read only file.
Any the permissions are - rw any cannot change that either.

Check and make sure you have given ES File Explorer Root Permission. You can check that from your super user app.

Hi Andrew!

Please help me out!

I did exactly what the tutorial said and the camera app works. One question though... How do I know if I have you version of the software or it is still the old one?? In settings/apps/camera/info is saying the same thing as before... version 6.0.763542. I checked a friend's phone and he has the same version with the stock camera app. What also made me think it didn't install, is the fact that I still don't have the new scene added. ( action )

Thank you! Keep up the good work!

<<htc one m8, Revolution HD custom rom>>

Just updated the guide, so flash one of the new zips.

Yes super su has Es FILE EXPLORER in its apps.
I guess that gives it root permission.

Can you post some screenshots of what your options are when you select the Camera.apk

Can you please give me your email cause for one reason I can't attach any screenshots here.

Question: I flashed the zip file for 4.4.2 and it looks like it did. How can I determine if im running Jishnu's camera Mod? Thanks

Make sure you can enable flash from night mode.

Do you have the .zip for v2 for the htc one m8?

Both of the linked zips are the M8 V2 camera.

Hi Andrew, I found out that the 4.4.3 zip file is not usable, it's basically another zip inside the zip file and 7zip not able to extract it out. Could you look into this issue please. Thanks.

would this app work on the m7s camera aswell by any chance?

Unfortunately not. This is M8 specific.

Hello, I've a rooted HTC One M8 and my Custom Rom is "LiquidSmooth". I want the HTC One M8 Camera back and I found this Mod. But it doesn't work. Every time I want to open the camera it says: "Unfortunately, Camera has stopped". Any help? :(

Don't work. :( After flashing it says:
"Der Prozess "" wurde beendet."
"Der Prozess "" wurde beendet."

I've no menu buttons on the bottom.
The phone is useless now. :(

I've installed LiquidSmooth again. Now it works, but I have still not the HTC One M8 cam. :(

The camera is compatible with some AOSP ROMs. If it does not work after flashing both zips then you will have to wait for the developer to push out an update.

Hmm okay. I will try another Custom Rom. Thx. ;)

i was just wondering, since the One mini (m4) has the same camera as this one, would this hack work?

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