News: Leaks Reveal a Bigger, More Powerful Version of the HTC One for September Release

Leaks Reveal a Bigger, More Powerful Version of the HTC One for September Release

The new HTC One M8 is barely two months old, and we've already got a leak on its predecessor. Dubbed as the M8 Prime, or more likely the One Max (Two?), the larger, faster device should debut sometime in the fall (September is most likely), not too far away from the M8 Mini that's set to release later this month with degraded specs.

The details leaked by HTCsoku reveal some interesting, and more advanced, features for the device codenamed M8_Prime:

  • 2560 x 1440 QHD (2K) Display
  • 5.5-inch screen size
  • Snapdragon 805 Chipset
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • 16 GB onboard memory
  • 5 MP UltraPixel camera

The bigger and better display is a no-brainer, as that's where all newer devices are heading. Additionally, the new Snapdragon processor will be the standard come later this year, and is slated to have Global LTE connectivity. While storage may seem low, it hints that the device will most likely ship with expandable memory options.

The real head scratcher is the camera. Again, these are leaks, and the details will likely alter or change completely when the device begins its production run. That being said, HTCsoku threw us a bit of a curveball, stating that a new Duo camera will contain a 5 megapixel UltraPixel camera, but one that is capable of taking 18 megapixel photos.

So maybe something got lost in translation, or maybe HTC heard the chorus of disappointment after the release of the M8. Either way, look for the Korean OEM to step up here, especially if this device goes head-to-head with Samsung's upcoming Note 4, which will undoubtedly pack a fantastic shooter.

Original M8 image via Android Central

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