How To: Lock the Screen Using a Three-Finger Tap on Your HTC One M8

Lock the Screen Using a Three-Finger Tap on Your HTC One M8

HTC introduced their version of gesture controls to the masses when they launched the HTC One M8, and while the feature includes gestures to open the camera, start voice dialing, and unlock the device, it does not include one to lock it.

Sure, you can "knock" your screen off, but that method requires a hot-zone of sorts. Fortunately, renowned developer MohammadAG made an app that enables a new gesture to do just that, from anywhere on your screen.

The app, HTC Gesture Listener, does not require a rooted or unlocked M8, so whether you're running a completely stock or a custom ROM, you can easily add this new gesture to your device.

Step 1: Install HTC Gesture Listener

Just like most mods, this one cannot be downloaded from Google Play. Instead, make sure to have Unknown sources enabled, then download and install the HTC Gesture Listener app using this link.

Step 2: Make It a Device Admin

There's not much to actually settings up this mod. Just open the HTC Gesture Listener app, tap the Enable Device Admin button, and Activate it.

There is no need to restart your device after it installs.

Step 3: Tap Your Screen Off

Try it out by tapping anywhere on your screen with three fingers. Check out the video above for a demo. MohammadAG says that he plans on making more mods for this gesture listener, so be sure to check back every once in a while to check his progress.

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yeeaaah, it works too on HTC One M7 without rooting

please make the 'knock to wake' version too Mr Mohammad AG
You're the best mate!

Why when I downloaded this apk I could not activate it. Said something wrong with it.

What version of Sense are you running?

the updated one is still sense 5.

it said "something wrong parsing the package

This is meant for Sense 6, so you will need to wait until yo get all your OTAs installed.

I see. Thank you! Hope during this time while waiting, the power button won't break. ?(???)?

Works on my m7. Verizon variant, bone stock no root running 4.4.3 and sense 6. Just go to settings, display gestures and buttons, go down to gestures-media gestures and check the box.. Boom 3 finger tap works like a charm.

Doesn't work on my HTC one M8.
Its running on Android 4.4.4 and HTC sence 6.0
Any guesses ?

Is the app set as a device admin?

Yes. exactly as mentioned above. Just the previous day, my android version was upgraded from 4.4.3 to 4.4.4
Other than that, I cannot recall anything that can affect this.

That may be what is causing the issue. This was tested before 4.4.3 or 4.4.4 was released. I'll look around to see if there is an updates and let you know.


I used this App. After sometime I realised my phone start heating and found some strange activity with browser history. I would request you to please do not install this app as device admin. MohammadAG can we install this app without device admin or provide Play Store link.

This is only a device admin because it locks your screen. If I were you I would check other app activity as well.

I have a HTC One mini 2 device. with this gesture listener my device lock,but not unlock. Will gesture listener work with my device?

No, this is only meant for the M8.

what can I do to wake up screen of my HTC One mini 2 device without pressing power button?

thank you Mr. Andrew

In DoubleTap2Wake feature, how can I disable the upper part of screen?

I'm not sure what you mean. You mean only the bottom part of your screen can be used to wake the screen?

yes. you are right. I want to use only bottom part. when i set power button end calls enabled in accessibility settings, while I'm in a call my ear touches in upper part of screen & call ends. so I want to get to know how I can use only bottom part to wake screen.

It doesn't work like that. It has to be the entire screen or nothing.

Hi guys,
I have htc one m7, lollipop htc sense 6.
I did everything like the video exactly.
It locks the device with the 3 fingers. But it does not unlock it with 2 fingers. Does anybody know how to fix this?

Are you double tapping the screen? Also, check the gesture settings to make sure double tap to wake is enabled.

Thank you Andrew for your reply. I tryied double tapping the screen 100times but nothing happened. I don't have any option for double tap in the gesture setting only the 3 fingers one. Can you tell me where is it exactly.

As I mentioned I have htc one m7 with lollipop and sense 6.
Thank you in advance.

The HTC Gesture Listener Link is Down . i try it from different Computer and Internet Provider . It Comes the message " Not possible to Show this Site" Please have you another download Link for the HTC Gesture Listener please ?

i Found it in another Appstore Aptoide is the Name of it !

it is not unlocking for double tap on my device can u fix device is desire826

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