How To: Get S-Off on Your HTC One M8 to Install Custom Firmware & Mods

Get S-Off on Your HTC One M8 to Install Custom Firmware & Mods

Once you unlock your bootloader and root, you're left with one more hurdle to overcome, and that's getting S-Off.

By default, HTC has included security measures into the HTC One's bootloader, which prevents you from installing custom firmwares or other tweaks. By obtaining S-Off, you can completely ignore those rules and do basically whatever you want with your device.

If you're looking for gaining S-Off on your older HTC One M7, check out my guide on gaining S-Off on the HTC One M7. Though the process is somewhat the same, you will need a different ROM/kernel than the M8 one we're using here.

Before Getting Started: Things You Need to Have

There are a few basics you need to get out of the way before you can start this process:

  • This method will only work for a device that already has an unlocked bootloader with a custom recovery, so be sure that you have that before going forward.
  • Uninstall HTC Sync. The program is great way to get the HTC One M8 drivers installed, which you will need for this process, but it will interfere with the tool we will be using to S-Off your M8.
  • Enable USB debugging.
  • Turn off all security settings from Settings -> Security.
  • Disable Fast boot mode from Settings -> Power/Battery Manager.
  • You'll also want to make sure that you are using a USB 2.0 (not USB 3.0) port for this for compatibility reasons.
  • Backing up your data is also necessary, just in case anything goes wrong.

Preparing Your Framework & Kernel (Optional)

This process works best with a Sense-based ROM with an insecure kernel, and you can flash InsertCoin in order to have both of those bases covered.

This section (Steps 1 through 6) will show you how to to get InsertCoin ready on your HTC One, but if you're already running a kernel with an insecure kernel, you can skip this section and proceed directly to the Preparing Your Device & Downloading Firewater section below.

Step 1: Download InsertCoin ROM to Your Device

We will be flashing the InsertCoin ROM so that we have a Sense framework and kernel that fits all the needs of the S-Off tool we are going to use. The InsertCoin ROM can be downloaded directly from the InsertCoin Team's website onto your device.

Step 2: Enter Recovery Mode

With the ROM downloaded, place your device into Recovery mode by holding the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time, which will take you to the following Bootloader screen:

Once in Bootloader mode, use the Volume Down key to highlight Recovery and hit the Power button to boot into TWRP.

Step 3: Create a Backup

Before going any further, you should make sure to have a backup of your existing setup since we'll be performing a full data wipe in the next step.

You can do this directly from TWRP using the Backup option. After going through the S-Off process, you can restore this backup to get all your apps, messages, and settings back as they were before.

Step 4: Wipe Data

From the main TWRP menu, select Wipe, then Advanced Wipe and check the Dalvik Cache, Cache, Data, and System boxes, then Swipe To Wipe.

Step 5: Flash InsertCoin ROM

Now tap the Home button to get back to the main TWRP menu and tap the Install option. Select the ROM you downloaded, then Swipe to Confirm Flash.

After swiping you will need to go through the AROMA installer to finish the flash. The installer will have extra options and tweaks that you can choose to add to your device, but those are only needed if you plan on keeping this ROM after flashing. Once the process completes, select the Reboot option.

Step 6: Set Up Your ROM & Reenable USB Debugging

If your device doesn't boot as quickly as usually, don't panic, that is expected. Once it boots back up, go through the initial setup process one more time, as you did when first got your phone. Once your phone is set up you will need to reenable USB Debugging.

Preparing Your Device & Downloading Firewater

Plug your M8 to your computer and open up terminal. You'll also want to download the S-Off tool Firewater and place it on your Desktop.

Step 7: Run Firewater on Your Device

  1. Reboot your device using ADB.
  • adb reboot
  1. Once rebooted, push Firewater to your device.
  • adb push Desktop/firewater /data/local/tmp

If you didn't put Firewater on your Desktop, you are going to need to change it to the appropriate directory.

  1. You'll now need to change the permissions of Firewater so that it can run on your device.
  • abd shell
  • su
  • chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/firewater

After typing su, check your device to see if your Superuser app asks for your approval.

  1. Run Firewater, and do not touch your device after the process starts.
  • /data/local/tmp/firewater
  1. Now simply agree to the terms and conditions when prompted by typing "yes", then let firewater start chugging.

You're all set, your M8 is now S-Off!

Now you are all set to flash custom firmwares, radios, hboots, and lock/unlock your bootloader at will. This will also come in hand when you run into boot issues or just need to return your One to factory settings. Be sure to leave me a comment below if you run into and issues.

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Hi, i followed your instructions and i still get this message:

***** whelp, this sucks, firewater can not work on your device *****
***** no amount of reflashing, retrying, or ruuing will fix... *****
***** if we are able to fix this issue, it will be announced *****
***** bye bye.....sorry it didn't work out. *****

Do you have any idea what else i could try?

What carrier do you have the device with?

ho un nobrand e hol lo stesso messaggio
you have any suggestions?

The first bottle is open
member the golden rule, NEVER take an OTA? Of course you don't
** device patched by HTC, you are out of luck ****

help i followed every thing in your epic video

It seems like HTC sends different batches of phones across the globe, some of which work with firewater and some that currently do not. This happens because some of the components are made from different suppliers. There should be an update pushed out soon that can fix this.

Firewater work great for me. New HTC one M8 french and now s off ..

i hope there will be an update because i made a misstake and flashed a custom rom before making a backup, so now i can´t go back to stock......

I'm running ARHD on a rooted M8 (T-mobile version). I followed this guide, but every time it says:

whelp, that bottle is empty, opening bottle 11
whelp, that bottle is empty, opening bottle 12

all out of bottles and still no buzz :( reboot device by holding power and
try again

root@htcm8:/ #

I've double checked everything and it seems like all the conditions for S-Off are met. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Yeah it seems like firewater has been a hit or miss with the newer batches of M8s. I'll be sure to update the guide when there is a more reliable method.

my htc m8 is stuck on the loding screen were is says htc how do i fix it I think i did wipe before having the rom on there

Go back into recovery and restart the process. It sounds like something went wrong with the flashing process.

My phone is recognized by the computer, but I can't do any adb commands. I used to be able to but now whenever i do "adb devices" or "adb reboot" it says -bash: adb: command not found. And if i do "./adb devices" or "./adb reboot" it says no such file or directory. The ./adb command i used when I unlocked the bootloader and it worked. Now it comes up with errors. Is there a download to the mac-htc drivers?

P.S i have downloaded htc sync then removed it, but i think the drivers delete too.

You need reinstall adb. Followthis guide to install. If the error continues manually push the adb and fast boot files in the zip to use/bin/.

So I flashed the InsertCoin ROM and rebooted and it's been on the reboot screen for over half an hour now, I'm starting to freak out... What do I do? I've tried going back into recovery by holding power and volume down but that isn't working, it just says HTC on that white screen and nothing is happening. Please help me.

Try holding power and volume up, and if not just keep holding the power button.

I'm pretty sure I downloaded the wrong InsertCoin, of course I can't download the correct one now but if I get it on my computer is there a way to transfer it over to my device?

I held power and volume up and my screen went black then a second later turned back on to the HTC screen...

Edit: I was able to get into recovery mode, when I go to reboot it says "No OS Installed! Are you sure you wish to reboot?"

I checked out the guide and I'm trying to use the "sideload Desktop/" command but Terminal replies with
cannot read 'sideload'

I have CM 11 running but I forgot to side load the GAPPS package, I went back to TWRP and sideload it but TWRP came up with Failed after the package was sent. Do you know how to fix this? OR do you know a trustworthy Sense 6 ROM that I can use instead or revert back to original. I keep screwing up and all of this is becoming so stressful.

insert coin was successfully installed but phone will not boot it's stock on boot menu

finally got it to run had to installed again and was able to put it for Sprint but still with this software it will not turn firewater will not turn S-OFF could it be cause it's on 4.4.2 does it change CID to 111111 would make a difference would firewater work then????

post not completed if it's missing a few details

for those having problems sideloading try recovery as follow

I'm using TWRP it's great

on the phone be on recovery home page TWRP
on the computer (cmd) type the following commands:

adb push /sdcard/
adb push /data/media

now go back to the phone and click install then install rom

Do you understand the implications of these warnings?

Type 'Yes' or 'No'
it keeps asking me same question yes or no i typed yes and entered still same problem. help ? thank u

it needs to be a capital Y, so it would be Yes.

after adb reboot, keeps saying -bash: adb: command not found
any help would be greatly appreciated

If you are using a mac you may need to manually move the adb and fastboot files to /usr/bin/. Those files are found in the same zip you downloaded to install them (if you used my guide). Make sure you use the files that are located in the Mac install folder.

I've already re-installed adb and it still does the same thing

Yeah got mine a week ago. Rooted and installed insertCoin OK, but firewater doesn't work

For me it just doesn't say anything.
adb reboot command works fine, but everything after that just says InsertCoin# after I click enter.
Also tried different USB port, but to no avail.

I heard there was a an option that would work a 100% but you'd have to pay $25 to support the devs. Not sure about its merit, but so I've heard.

Can you post a screenshot of you commands. Include what happens when you try and enter the adb shell command.

Last login: Tue Aug 5 00:08:39 on ttys000
Anthony-t-MacBook-Pro:~ Antroise$ adb reboot

  • daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
  • daemon started successfully

error: device not found
Anthony-T-MacBook-Pro:~ Antroise$ adb reboot
error: device not found
Anthony-T-MacBook-Pro:~ Antroise$

thats the error i get

btw thanks for responding dude

Try a different USB port. I know it may be a long shot, but did you enable USB debugging?

Also, does your device show a USB notification when you plug it in?

i tried a different USB port and debugging is on but I'm still receiving the same error.

my device shows a USB connection

I have it and I'm able to use it with no trouble this is driving me nuts lol

Turn USB Debugging off and on and then manually kill adb.
adb kill-server
adb usb

Can you check if fastboot can read your phone. Boot into bootloader mode and then run fastboot devices and see if your phone pops up.

after running firewater, mine says:
"device patched by HTC, you are out of luck"

please help me with it.

Moreover, my bootloader reads "*Tampered*" and then "*Unlocked*"

Have I done something very wrong?

It looks like you have the newest Hboot, which means you can't use firewater. If you want you can check out SunShine, but it does cost $25.

I'm following this conversation with interest as I've just switched to Android. I'm in the exact same situation as "Bibek Karki" - firewater says I'm out of out and have Tampered + Unlocked on the bootloader screen.

Sunshine doesn't work - the pre-check process says it can't be used as I don't have a stock ROM.

Anthony's-MacBook-Pro:~ Antroise$ adb kill-server
Anthony's-MacBook-Pro:~ Antroise$ adb usb

  • daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
  • daemon started successfully

error: device not found
Anthony's-MacBook-Pro:~ Antroise$

Fastboot works perfect dude

Try revoking USB debugging authorizations and then plugging in your device again to see if you get the RSA key popup again.

Sorry dude I'm noob I don't know how to do that

That option is right bellow USB debugging in developer options.

When i type SU, absolutely nothing happens

Can you post a screenshot of the commands you are using.

Or it just keeps putting dots forever

Ok, I've fixed it even more, with the ARHD rom it said
"Remember the golden rule, never take OTA"
So will trying different roms do anything?

Sorry for spamming so much, i've tried many different roms and no different results, i dont know why i did expect it,

so what will i have to wait for for firewater to be compatible?

What Hboot version are you running? I know with 1.57 it is rare for firewater to work.

just go to your bootloader which can easily be done by opening a command prompt/terminal and typing "adb reboot bootloader"

your Hboot will be at the top

Having the same problem as the user above. my hboot is It does says tampered on top.

Most users are having issues with that Hboot version. You may want to look into the sunshine tool.

just wanted to say thanks for all the help. i ended up using sunshine lol

I have a AT&T m8 running 4.4 kitkat. I've recently rooted using the guide here, and have tried endlessly to get my S-off. I've downloaded all the programs necesary and still nothing happens. when I get to the install portion, it says failed claiming there is no MD5 file. and then it forced a reboot and got stuck on the HTC screen with no response. I forced it into recovery once more and had to restore to get my device funtioning. Any suggestions?

During the ROM install? Make sure the file verification check box is unchecked.

Can you please tell me how to flash the InsertCoin ROM to my phone? I've been trying to figure it out for hours with no luck. I've found what I think is the command, but then it gives much a long list of options and commands dealing with the device.

Theres no command to install insertcoin. You just have to download it to your phones internal memory and install it via TWRP.

Hi Andrew, I also got the following message:
** whelp, this sucks, firewater can not work on your device **
** no amount of reflashing, retrying, or ruuing will fix... **
** if we are able to fix this issue, it will be announced **
** bye bye.....sorry it didn't work out. **

My phone is part of Koodo and it is from Canada. I have tried googling why it doesn't work but I have come up with no answers. The first comment was a phone from Australia but S-Off seems to be working with a lot of U.S/Canada phones. Have any insight you can share with me?

When this message appears it usually means that your device is too updated to work. You can try to use a different ROM or flash an insecure kernel, but there is no guarantee that will work.

I was able to get to the firewater part, after a dab reboot my phone rebooted (taking abnormally longer than usual) After that I tried to push the file and was not getting anything but a big list in terminal. tried another dab reboot and now my phone is stuck in the htc screen with the red text "this build is for development proposes only..." I've tried to turned it off with the power bottom and volume up but it get to the same screen and stays there again!! HEEEEELP!

Was able to get the back up working (force-restart with power and vol up and while it's about to restart press power vol down) and try to install the insert coin again and the same thing happens. Download again the whole thing and tried to do it and nothing happen (it froze on the same screen), any help?

Just to make sure we are on the same page you did this complete guide and go the successful message in firewater, but when you restarted your device it no longer booted to insert coin. After that you did a hard reset by pressing power and volume down and it booted back to insertcoin? And when you rebooted to recovery to reflash the ROM it is now no longer booting?

Hi thanks for your answer. The following happened: I did all your guides to get here (many thanks btw!) Everything was going great until installing the insert coin. After I did install it it took surprisingly long to boot with the red text described above. Then i did the reset with the power+volUp and was able to load insert coin. When i tried to dab reboot and the issue (taking longer than usual). After another reset, I was trying to continue with the guide pushing the firewater using the "adb push Desktop/firewater /data/local/tmp" I was only getting the text of the firewater file on terminal and nothing else happened. Tried to do the dab reboot and then was that I got the original problem (never booting). So i did the hard reset back to the backup recommended on step 3 (lifesaver!) and got to that point. After that I even tried to download insert coin again to see if it was the download that was faulty but it was madness all over again, the same thing happened. Anything I might be doing wrong?

What model are you using? Did you make sure to wipe your partitions before flashing?

any other ROM you can recommend in order to get S-off? I have downloaded some other versions of insert coin but is no good same error.

Thanks man, I'm a total noob on this so I ended up going for Sunshine! Thanks for all the support anyhow, keep up the great work!

Hi thanks for your answer. The following happened: I did all your guides to get here (many thanks btw!) Everything was going great until installing the insert coin. After I did install it it took surprisingly long to boot with the red text described above. Then i did the reset with the power+volUp and was able to load insert coin. When i tried to dab reboot and the issue (taking longer than usual). After another reset, I was trying to continue with the guide pushing the firewater using the "adb push Desktop/firewater /data/local/tmp" I was only getting the text of the firewater file on terminal and nothing else happened. Tried to do the dab reboot and then was that I got the original problem (never booting). So i did the hard reset back to the backup recommended on step 3 (lifesaver!) and got to that point. After that I even tried to download insert coin again to see if it was the download that was faulty but it was madness all over again, the same thing happened. Anything I might be doing wrong?

Hello guys,

All the process is working fine, except when I launch the firewater, nothing happens. The program doesn't launch. After I launch it ones, the program is deleted and I have to disconnect and push it again to try again. Everytime firewater gives me no output and the program just stops.

I check the USB2 / lock screen / security option etc but I can't find an explanation... Do you have any idea how to solve this ? Any way to see the logs of firewater ?

It's an HTC M8 AT&T.

Thanks a lot...

Just to cover all bases you did root you device, give ADB root permission, and are using something SuperSU as your super user app right?


Firewater didn't work. I got the error that said "First rule... Never accept an OTA update."

I told it to back up before installing "Insert Coin", but not the backup doesn't show...

I tried installing Sunshine but it says it's not compatible with my ROM.

Please help. I'm begging you... I don't know how to fix this...

Did you use ADB to backup to your computer? If you did then the backup is still wherever you told ADB to store it. That can be flashed back through ADB using this guide.

PLEASE HELP....after i type su i get a message that says not found.

Post a screenshot or just copy your cmd prompt commands and I'll see what I can do.

"device patched by HTC, you are out of luck"

my Hboot Version is :
what can i do?

thx for quick replay, i know, my secound problem is i live in iran and all paypal and credits baned iran!!

If you are not S-Off there is no way to downgrade your Hboot.

and for sunshine, i check, Yes it can ! but i cant pay!!

When I try to s off when bottle is open in last error remember golden rule patch with HTC help me please

Sounds like you updated your device and because of that the exploit that firewater uses has been patched.

Hi following the steps to install firewater but I can't get the first command to work which is reboot. I get this

C:\development\adt-bundle-windows-x8664-20140702\sdk\platform-tools>adb reboot
error: device not found
error: device not found

fastboot and other functions work. I tried skipping it and just try to push firewater but the command just hangs. Any suggestions?

Had to activate by turning the developer mode on. Need to go to Settings -> About -> Software Information ->More -> tab on "Build Number" 7 times. Then you will see a new selection in Setting as "Developer options" and turn USB debug mode on.

Glad you figured it out. Did firewater work for you?

I need somebody's help. My phone currently doesn't have any OS to boot at all....

I installed Insertcoin & Tried Firewater for turning S-off. it said it can't be done. So tried with sunshine, it said I need to switch back to stock ROM & can't be done with the ROM (Insertcoin) I have.

Which one is the right one to install? Most of the ROMs takes 1 hour to download, it is true for others? I have HTC One M8 (Originally bough thru ATT but now its all flashed). Unfortunately I missed the backup process somewhere or overwritten the backup file.

Please help!

I did everything in this guide right up to running Firewater but I get the message below. I'm on a UK HTC ONE M8 on the 3 network. Help!


!!If firewater hangs for more than 2 minutes or device enters qhusb mode, h

!!If firewater hangs for more than 2 minutes or device enters qhusb mode, h

!!If firewater hangs for more than 2 minutes or device enters qhusb mode, h
ld power for 60 seconds !!
preparing, one moment

The first bottle is open

***** whelp, this sucks, firewater can not work on your device *****
***** no amount of reflashing, retrying, or ruuing will fix... *****
***** if we are able to fix this issue, it will be announced *****
***** bye bye.....sorry it didn't work out. *****


That means your device was patched to block firewater from working. You might want to check out Sunshine.

Hi. I did everything in the instructions and firewater doesnt work. So I guess i'll have to use Sunshine, but the App Play Store has disappeared.. Is there any way to recover it? I've looking under Apps but no luck...

also... Airplane Mode is stuck in "turning off".
The phone is a T-Mobile HTC One M8
and it doesnt detect the T-Mobile Sim Card...

Have you modified any system files?

firewater will not work on HBoot 3.18 moonshine might work on HBoot 3.16

for those getting the Whelp message check your HBoot example if you have the HTC One M8 Sprint and you have HBoot 3.18 might as well go and get sunshine to gain S-Off if you have HBoot 3.16 try moonshine you'll have better chances there

I wish there was a way to downgrade HBoot on the HTC One M8 Sprint like in the M7 variant

nice tutorial but some important information is missing which as you understand it can cause some confusion

Hello Angel I get the firewater whelp message on my sprint HTC One M8 4.4.2 hboot software version 1.54.651.10. Will moonshine work on my sprint HTC One M8 ?

Hi, just thought I would comment and let you know that the sunshine OTA app worked on my HTC one (M8) with 4.4.2 on it. The app checks compatibility before you purchase it so quite reassuring you don't make an expensive purchase for nothing. I just made sure I had a good internet connection. I had previously tried firewater and got similar fail results as all of the other members have commented on. Hope this helps just make sure your phone meets the requirements as per the app.

I cant get past this stage. Any ideas?

The error you are getting means that you did not push firewater to your device properly. Try again and make sure firewater is in /data/local/tmp/.

hey after i let insertcoin run im unable to connect to wifi.

Reflash the ROM or install a new one.

ive reflashed it and still nothing have any suggestions on a new ROM?

used a different ROM and now my phone will not turn on

Can you list for me everything that you have flashed onto your device including kernels, ROMs and firmwares.

everything that is in the list above

Hi, I ran into the same issue with wifi. After flashing the insertcoin ROM, my wifi no longer worked which prevented firewater from completing the S-OFF process. My MID is 0P6B12000 and my CID is CWS001 . I found the following link ( to the recovery and firmware for stock HTC Sense on ATT. When i try to flash the recovery image to the phone via flashboot, I get the following error:

(bootloader) zip info parsing...
FAILED (remote: 99 unknown fail)

How do I go about getting back to the stock experience (or any experience, for that matter) with working wifi?

You can use the Sense 6 Developer Edition RUU from here to restore to 100% stock.

I downloaded the Sense 6 Dev Edition RUU and ran it. It gave me the following errors:

ERROR 155: UNKOWN ERROR. The ROM Update Utility cannot update your Android phone. Please get the correct ROM Update Utility and try again.

Is this an issue with the RUU? I also read something about GPE ROMs using different partition sizes?

What's the easiest way for me to get working wifi back? I'm fine with moving to GPE 5.0 if I can update the firmware to get wifi or moving back to stock, but I seem to be stuck in limbo where I can either update the ROM but the firmware seems to still be an issue. Any guides you can point me to? Thanks for your help.

Perhaps this is actually an S-On issue?

I'm using Sense AT&T M8. I'm having trouble with this RUU as well... I'm not sure where the problem is coming in, but I'm having issues connecting my phone to adb and Fastboot while the phone is in the bootloader. I've tried connecting to two different machines using Windows 8.1, 7 and Ubuntu. All three setups are able to connect to the phone via adb while it's booted in the OS, but when it goes to fastboot, adb devices returns nothing. If I could fix the connectivity issue (which I think is stemming from the phone), the I could probably have success with the RUU method.

I could also try flashing a ROM or Recovery directly from TWRP or Flashify, but I've heard quite a bit about not downgrading with S-On and making sure that I have the right ROM or Recovery. Right now I'm on:

Android 4.4.4, 6.0 Sense, Software # 3.28.401.7, Kernel Version 3.4.0-g222defb, Baseband version 119.213311491.A22g20.51A.4198.01LF

Build # 3.28.401.7 CL 389838

Based on all that is there a ROM/Recovery/Backup that will work for me?

Have you tried updating your fastboot and adb files?

Is Fastboot USB highlighted when at the bootloader menu?

Yes. I also have Flashify w/root access and TWRP recovery installed, so those are viable options if I know which ROM/backup to flash.

After entering "Yes" slow dots are going across the screen. This has been happening for the last half hour. Is this normal?

Firewater has been discontinued. Your best bet now would be to use Sunshine.

I followed the step until flashing InsertCoin .. when i flashed it, it have failed and asked me to wipe Dalvik, Cache ( as i remember ) so i wiped it and reboot it the device. and since that moment until now i'm looking at HTC logo and the wight screen. Another problem is my up volume button is broken ! is there anything you think i can do ?

Hey guys sooo firewater has been discontinued and by clicking on the link for firewater it only downloads a file named firewater that isn't firewater... Can you give me a working firewater download ? I tried to look for one on google but it seems like all the firewater download lniks have disappeared :(

Edit: I already installed InsertCoin ROM so when i try the sunshine method it tells me that i need to install a nearer stock ROM... So I'd really like to find firewater because I'd have to install another ROM again and bla and bla.

Firewater doesn't work anymore. Try flashing ARHD to get a stock ROM back on your device.

Oh so you mean it has been patched with the software even if my M8 is an early model ? Well ok so I have to use Sunshine after installing back the stock ROM right ?

Thanks Andrew :)

Yes, just stick with getting ARHD's stock ROM on your device and then run sunshine.

Hallo Alltogether

I read all your comments with great interest, i have a HTC One mini2, (SWISSCOM branded) which ought to be the little brother of M8.

Everything should work similar for that HTC One mini2 too, ... But:

I tried every program that should help to get that device S-Off during days, ... without any success, just waisted my time for nothing.

It is obviously not (yet) possible to get S-OFF HTCs with newer HBOOTS,

so I'm waiting, until a clever developer finds a solution, informs us (hopefully) about his success and delivers a working tutorial!

Thanks a lot eventhough for all your work and recommansdations

Heinz Pfeil

Sorry, but because Firewater is discontinued, this tutorial shouldn't be used any more!

Byt the way, I got a big hanger also, because InsertCoin works obviousely only for HTC One mini, and not for HTC One mini2!!!???



i tried to install five time new rom on HTC One M8 but i didnot check S-off mode. now my phone is stuck on loading screen.

Please help me how to fix this

ineed htc dev username and p w plz plz

You have to create your own account.

Hello Andres,
I am currently working on At&t HTC one M8 and am trying to change it to Dev Edition.

On trying to S-Off, this is where I am stuck. InsertCoin has multiple versions to download from. So, I decided to go on with the latest version. On downloading it, it downloaded as a folder and not a zip.

I skipped step 3 (big mistake, as my phone is empty) and went to Step 4, cleared Dalvik, System, Cache and Data. Now tried to flash the InsertCoin by copying it to the /SDCard folder.

When I try to install, I didn't find anything there (tried the image option too) and tried rebooting, when I realized that the phone is wiped clean… Any help will be much appreciated.

You can also email me at
btw, I am using a Mac.

Was able to get through with the steps... Now am stuck at firewater, The link is dead... Please suggest as to how I should proceed.

Thanks for the Reply mate... Got InsertCoin itself in there after repeated trails, But now am stuck as the firewater link is dead. Please help.

You cannot use firewater anymore. You have to use Sunshine S-Off.

Thnx Mate... Will do that. On the other hand... The only reason I will need s-off is for Dev edition... If I don't want to change my CID... Which ROM would you suggest for AT&T locked CID... I like the insert coin too so far... Let me know your thoughts.

It depends what you are looking for in a ROM. If you want something close to stock I'd suggest ARHD, but if you want more customization options I'd say go with InsertCoin.

Thank you Mate, That was quite helpful.

Thank you for your patience, but I will have to test it one more time.

I have rooted the phone, Installed TWRP, Installed Sunshine to change the CID and finally, Got the HTC dev Edition from So now if I install this rom, Will my phone loose the Bootloader Unlock, the root and every things else and turn back to being a Brand new phone as i got it from HTC? (This is what i want to get at). I want the Phone to be as new from factory. Let me know if this can be done.


i didnt download insert coin on my phone and i accidentally wipe cache and my phone shows no os can u help me out to get back os?

Hello there.
i am facing a problem with my device that is HTC one M8,

on the
"SETTINGS> ABOUT> Tell HTC and error reporting"
i found this !
how can i fix this issue? Why this is showing?
i dont know but i am unable to update my device from kitkat to lollipop.
PLZ HELP ME OUT with this issue !

This is present when you install the Developer Edition RUU. Is that the ROM you are currently running?

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