Forum Thread: How I Open USB Network Settings on My HTC One? I Update to Android 4.3

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If you tap on the USB network setting text it will open that dialog box.

First 2 pics are before I update the android.
Last pic is after update.

When I to connect my phone to PC i use internet from my Pc to phone, fot that i need to activate the "Internet pass-through.

Does anything pop up after you tap the text?

Please help me How to enable "USB Network Setting" in HTC one m9?

Hello, I have forgotten the PIN to my HTC one M8 & it is locked.
I do not have a google account associated as it is an old phone.
I do not want to factory reset it as I need some images & documents from the phone.

If I have to use third -party app for unlock, will I need to have USB debugging on? How do I go on about it without a factory reset. Also can anyone recommend a good, tried & tested unlock app.

Can anyone please help? TIA.

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