How To: Turn Your HTC One into a Real HTC One Google Play Edition

Turn Your HTC One into a Real HTC One Google Play Edition

In a previous softModder tutorial, we installed CyanogenMod on our HTC Ones to approximate the look and feel of the Google Edition HTC One. Unfortunately, this rendered Beats and HTC's ImageChip (among other things) useless.

This is no longer an issue, though, thanks to Android developer bigxie, who created a ROM based on the software taken directly from the Google Play Edition. This is an AOSP ROM that has been optimized for the HTC One (minus the IR blaster, although that's coming soon according to HTC).


You will not be able to get over-the-air updates with this ROM, so if you're looking for the complete factory-fresh Google Play Edition package, check out our other guide, which gives you the official bootloader, recovery, and OTAs.

Step 1: Root Your HTC One

For this mod, you'll have to be rooted, so check out my previous guide on rooting the HTC One for instructions on that, if you're not already.

Note on Device Compatibility

Unfortunately, this only works for the unlocked, the AT&T, and the T-Mobile versions of the HTC One. Sorry, Sprint users! Although I'm sure a modified version of this software is coming your way soon enough!

Step 2: Download the ROM

Now that you're rooted, download the ZIP file from bigxie and transfer it to your HTC One via USB or over the air.

For updates on the ZIP file, check out bigxie's thread over on XDA.

Step 3: Back Up Your Data

If you've read our rooting tutorial, you'll already know how to do this. Otherwise, head on over and check out Step 4 for instructions, and check out our guide on backing up your apps and app data, too.

Step 4: Wipe Your Device

If you created a backup, you'll already be in the recovery, so just go back to TWRP's main menu. Otherwise, press and hold Power and Volume Down, then select RECOVERY and press Power.

Image via

Tap Wipe and swipe to confirm using the default settings.

Step 5: Install the Google Play Edition ROM

Go back to TWRP's main menu once again, and tap Install. Navigate to the directory where you saved your ROM. Tap the file you want to install, and swipe to confirm. Finally, Tap Reboot

Step 6: Enjoy Stock Android, Beats, & Better Pictures

The stock aAndroid experience is, in my opinion, much more cohesive than HTC's Sense. Now you can have that without sacrificing some of the phone's popular features.

Note that the camera is actually easier to use than the stock 4.2 camera because you can navigate by tapping, instead of having to tap and hold.

Hopefully an IR transmitter fix is coming soon, along with the camera fixes coming in the Sense ROM's 4.2 update. Keep checking the source for updates.

And don't forget to check out our other guide on installing the official factory-fresh Google Play Edition software on your HTC One, complete with bootloader, recovery, and OTAs.

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Any chance this will work with the HTC One on Telus? Has anyone tested? Thanks.

I rooted & flashed the play edition on my unlocked int version One. All seems working fine except, perhaps as you mentioned the iR Blaster, but also WiFi Hotspot gives an 'error' when i tried it. Is there a fix for it or have i got do any tweaks ? Please help.......

Have you tried Wireless Tether? There are often problems with hacked WiFi hotspots on early builds such as this.

i tried several ways but couldn't resolve it so i flashed the Android Revolution HD rom & everything is working well and better than earlier sense UI

Nice, thanks for the tutorial

Thank You for tutorial. I just made the jump from iOS to Android so i was a bit intimidated to do this. But 30 min later I am finally up and running and glad i made the jump. Thank You.

Wow, thanks! I guess you got enough people asking for help from our tutorial. Sorry about that! I'll update our guide, too.

Any issues with converting a 64GB AT&T One to a GPE?

my htc one is not search any wireless network what should i do ......

Great tutorial! Went off without a hitch. The one thing I'm curious about though is that I received a 'System Update Available' message immediately after finishing this process. I figured wth and clicked it, then it took me to the boot loader screen. I ignored this but just wanted to ask, where can I subscribe to get the new versions?

Anyway to get the HTC Zoe camera app installed on this? I think that'd be a great addition to this rom.

Will this change the frequency as well? For example AT&T versions do not support 850Mhz, while the Google Play edition DOES. If the change of ROM can enable that frequency (just like the Google edition), it would be superb

The lights of back button and home button from my HTC One have never turned on and I can't get my current location :/
My frontal camera for photos is bad, green and distorced but back camera and both on video mode is great.

I did everything described on the tuto but I have the Google logo loading and the boot doesn't finish.. Could you help me?

Hi everyone now i have this trouble i need some help Thanks...

C:\Users\SONYMANIAC\Desktop\Android\adb platforms-tools 1.0.31\adb>fastboot oem
(bootloader) PG_ERROR htcpgparttraverse(839):
(bootloader) invalid traverse range
(bootloader) PG_ERROR htc
(bootloader) htcpgparttraverse failed
(bootloader) DISPLAY_ERR sp
custom partition: unlockdispbuf.imgbuf r
(bootloader) ead error!
(bootloader) DISPLAY_ERR Can not load custom splash!
(bootloader) Loading custom splash failed!
OKAY 0.582s
finished. total time: 0.585s

Victor, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I just bought an HTC One and was struggling with the Sense interface for a couple of days. Your recommendations worked perfectly and easily! I was able to configure everything just as I desired, and it's now a great phone to use after the initial frustrations. I understand that it isn't pure Android, but it's close enough. I genuinely appreciate you sharing this guidance on-line!

Oops, sorry. I meant to reply to your article titled: How to De-Bloat Your HTC One to Get a Familiar Stock Android UI—Without Rooting. Regardless of my error, it was your article as well and was excellent.

I updated my HTC One M7 to a google play edition using your guide so thanks for that. Unfortunately, HTC Sync Manager seems to see my phone but then quits unexpectedly as it is loading its contents (this is in OSX). The same happens on my windows laptop but it says something like it cannot connect to the device. Any clues as to what is going on? I need to load my contacts back onto my phone from my HTC sync manager back up, thanks

I updated my phone as per your instructions.
I am getting a update for 4.4.4 but it's not getting installed.

How do i install OTA updates?
How to take back my phone to original status? To install stock GPe

If you are rooted or have modded your phone in any way an OTA will not install. You also have the option of flashing the latest RUU to get up to Android Lollipop.

i have the htc one dual sim 802w and its better then the m7, slightly thicker though. we really need to get a gpe on this phone asap. please tell us how because im a big fan of nexus and i love the hardware of my phone.

gpe rom + htc killer looks = best phone ever!

Unfortunately due to hardware differences it is not possible to get a GPE ROM, or any custom ROM on a dual SIM HTC One.

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