How To: Uninstall CyanogenMod & Revert Back to Stock Sense on the HTC One

Uninstall CyanogenMod & Revert Back to Stock Sense on the HTC One

Let's get one thing straight: CyanogenMod is one hell of a ROM. They've got a great community, a great product, and getting it on your HTC One couldn't be easier with their CyanogenMod installer, which does all the hard rooting and bootloader unlocking for you.

If at all you don't like CyanogenMod, you can revert back to factory settings, but as we've discovered, and as others have reported, as easy as it is to install CM on the HTC One, going back to stock Sense from it can prove elusive. Worry not, we've got you covered. You'll be back to browsing your Blink Feed in no time.

This guide applies to the AT&T version of the HTC One.

Step 1: Back Up

Before we start, remember, by the time this process is complete, your device is going to go through a factory reset which means you're going to lose everything you care about. Make backups. Make all the backups.

Step 2: Download Android SDK

Time to download the Android SDK tools so we can send commands from our PCs to our phones. There's a slim version I like to use which has only the essentials, or you could opt to download the full version from Google. Either is fine. I'll be using the slim version in this guide.

Step 3: Extract File

Unzip the file using your extractor of choice. WinRar is mine and it's free. You can unzip it anywhere, as long as you keep it together and remember where it is. A lot of folks create a new folder on their desktop, name it SDK, then extract the file right in there.

Image via

Step 4: Confirm Version

Make sure you have what you need by navigating to the folder where you've extracted the file, which should be android-sdk-windows. Open the file, then open platform tools.

Now hold in the Shift key, right-click, and select open command window here. In the terminal type in:

  • adb version

If it kicks you back a version number, you're on the right path. Leave the terminal open.

Image via

Step 5: Download HTC Sync Manger

To ensure you have the drivers on your PC that you need, download and install the HTC Sync Manager from HTC.

Step 6: Download HTC ROM Update

This is the most recent software update to the AT&T HTC One officially released by HTC. This utility will run a setup wizard and apply the update to your device automatically via micro USB cable when you open it (when we're ready). Download and install from this link.

Step 7: Enable USB Debugging

On your HTC One, select USB debugging in Settings -> Developer Options, if it's not already.

Step 8: Lock Bootloader

To proceed further, the bootloader on your device needs to be locked. If you've been using Cyanogen, odds are it isn't. If you're not sure, power down your device. Now power it back on while holding in the volume down key.

At the bottom of your screen you should see Androids skateboarding, and at the top of your screen you should see text that either reads 'LOCKED' or 'RELOCKED'. If it reads 'UNLOCKED' you need to re-lock it.

You can do this by plugging your device into your computer with your micro USB cable. Now, using the volume keys on your phone, highlight FASTBOOT on your device and use the power key to make the selection to enter the device in fastboot mode.

In the terminal on your PC, enter:

  • fastboot oem lock

Step 9: Run HTC ROM Update Utility

Ensuring your device is plugged into your computer with your micro USB cable and that it's in fastboot mode, run the HTC ROM update utility. Follow the instructions from the wizard until the update is complete. The process should take about ten minutes and your device will power off and on a few times. Don't disconnect the cable, power down your computer, or touch your phone until it tells you!

Once the wizard alerts you that the process is done, so are you! Enjoy your factory version HTC One! If you have any issues, let me know and I'll try and square you away.

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Hello, thanks for the above instructions to uninstall cyanogenmod. I got to step 9 and an error message came up "ERROR 130" model error, asking me to use the correct ROM. I am in the UK and wanted to know if the HTC ROM file you link to in step 6 is compatible ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Thanks Jesse. I am still unable to find the UK EE carrier link. I'll keep looking.

Hi, thank for the instructions to uninstall CyanogenMod...but..I got to step 9 and i got error 132 signature error..

Hello, I have a MAC and I am having a hard time finding these files in DMG format. Is there a way to restore it using a MAC?

thank you!

Hi, i have HTC ONE t-moble network, i tried to uninstall CYANOGENMOD, I FOLLOWED every step, but my pc said couldn't install...why?

now my phone is in a COMA -LIKE not able to use it or bring back either softwares, the original or the syangenmod....... i need your help please, thank u sooo much

Hi - I have a t-mobile HTC One and I tried to revert back to stock sense using this article. I followed your steps and started the RUU - it was "Sending image" and then it stopped saying I need to have the correct utility. (I downloaded the right file from the HTC website for tmobile). Now, my phone is stuck in boot loader and I am unable to reboot out of it. Any assistance?

i did the hole thing correct but the last thing In the terminal on your PC, enter:

fastboot oem lock

i didnt input this codeon the terminal but everything seems to work just fine... could you explain the importance to this or consequences in not inputing it thank you

That last terminal command is to lock your bootloader. The only real reason you would need to do it is to return your phone back to stock to send it in for repairs.

I have the unlocked version of the Htc one and everything goes well until it says sending in the installer. It gets to sending but stays there, about now it has been standing sending for about more then 10 minutes. Is it something wrong with the installer or what. This has erased the Os completely so I'm stuck in the boot loader.

What version of android were you running prior to this? Also what is your Hboot version number, cid and mid?

Hi.. thanks for the tutorial..

After installing ruu, is it going to LOCK instead of RELOCK and is the tempered flag removed?

how about if it is s-off before, is it going to s-on after that?

in your tutorial you did not mention about going back to stock recovery. is it not necessary?


If you are looking to get rid of the tampered flag and have it say LOCKED you can use this tutorial and follow the directions for revone.

S-Off will remain after the RUU, but it will also re-flash the stock recovery.

I need help I install HTC on a galaxy s2 don't know how,anyone help me please

Are you trying to install a ROM on your S2?

Hello. Last week, I followed these guidelines successfully and I now have Sense 5.0 on Android Version 4.3. However, I thought you said we'd get the latest software update which at the time was Sense 5.5 on Android version 4.4.2?

Also, since i reverted to stock sense following these guidelines, I have observed some differences in the phone "Settings". The phone name and the model number is identical (both reading "HTC One") whereas the model number used to be "m7". The "check for software updates" that used to be in Settings>About>Software Information is also missing. Resultantly, I can't manually check for updates like before, unless via the AT&T Software Update place (and I won't get an update from AT&T seeing as I my HTC is unlocked from the carrier)

Are these changes I should be worried about? How else can I upgrade to KitKat and Sense 6, or at least Sense 5.5?

I'm sure I could help you out, but first which M7 do you have? ATT/Verizon/T-Mobile/Developer/International?

It's ATT, but it's been unlocked so I can use a SIM-card from any other carrier. I'm on Safaricom at the moment which is a local carrier in Kenya.

If you are up to it you can convert your M7 to a developer edition, which means you will get updates directly from HTC and not have to worry about carriers at all. There is a good guide over on XDA, and if you have any issues or concerns just let me know.

I've tried to read and make sense of the guide on XDA before actually doing it, but I can't. It's lengthy and unclear unlike the step-by-step guides here. The author of the post probably assumed that the readers would all be hardcore softmoders, which I am not.

If it's not too much to ask, can you email me a clearer procedure on converting an M7 to a developer edition? Or rather, do a guide on the same right here.

The site that hosts the Developer Edition RUU is currently offline, but I will send you over a clearer guide when it is back up.

Does your phone display a black screen with the HTC Logo when you try and flash? Also, which operating system is your computer running?

I'm stuck after doing everything, I'm on the last step and it gets stuck on a black screen with an HTC logo. The ROM Update gave me an error 155 and said I needed to get the correct ROM Update utility and try again. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate, 32bit and have an AT&T HTC One.

THANK YOU! I will and let you know what happens. I'm bricked right now on the bootloader screen, and I'm trying to get this up and running before tomorrow morning.

I got an error 171 with a USb connection Issue. Before that it said fastboot.exe had stopped working, so that obviously stopped the communication to the phone. I will reboot PC and phone and try it again, but if that doesn't work, is there another way, without using a RUU?

Be sure to use a USB 2.0 port. You can try and flash a, which is pretty much the same thing using a RUU.exe, but it is flashed without a windows program (and you also have to be S-Off for it work properly).

So after rebooting, I got an htc fastboot.exe error (again) saying that it had stopped working. It gets past the first step of sending data and then it fails on the second. I haven't done the S-Off with the Revone utility, if that's what you are talking about. I'm assuming the factory default is S-On? All I did was install Cyanogenmod and just wasn't happy with it. I wanted my Sense 6 back, and now I can't do anything :( Any ideas on what to do next?

From your bootloader screen make sure you see fastboot USB in a red banner and enter the following commands:

  • fastboot oem lock
  • fastboot reboot-bootlaoder
  • fastboot oem rebotoRUU

Now run the RUU one more time. This should work, if not let me know.

Neither RUU worked, still getting error.

Hey, Just saw this since I am phoneless right now. I'll try this and let you know what happens. Thank you for helping me through this disaster!

Still a no go. I got this for you to see if any of it would help you figure out my dilema:
serialno: HT33RW9XXXX
imei: 3544390540XXXX
meid: 00000000000000
product: m7ul
platform: HBOOT-8064
modelid: PN0712000
cidnum: CWS_001
battery-status: good
battery-voltage: 4320mV
partition-layout: Generic
security: on
build-mode: SHIP
boot-mode: FASTBOOT
commitno-bootloader: dirty-1f512bb6
hbootpreupdate: 11
gencheckpt: 0

Do you have the latest version of HTC Sync installed?

Yes, I installed it before the disaster to do a secondary backup. One more thing that might be of note. When the bootloader is locked, it just powercycle loops into the bootloader, but when it's unlocked, it default boots into a cyanogenmod flash screen with the robot in the middle, and that's neverending. It just sticks there. I doubt that means anything, but I thought it might be worth mentioning. Also, I have tried side loading three different .zip files and none worked, but I think you said I would have to be S-Off for that to work, and I am still S-On. I can't get the S-Off to work because it says it can't find the device in my command prompt.

Hell I'll try anything at this point...I'll keep you posted! Cheers!

Do I need to be locked or unlocked when I am doing this?

You would need to be unlocked and flash in TWRP or another custom recovery.

After doing all the command prompts you gave me, I ran the second and most recent RUU you linked to me & it did the same error again, so I'm trying the first RUU in the article. Now it's just sitting on a black HTC screen and says it is verifying information on my Android phone and to please wait. The black HTC screen I have doesn't have any exclamation points or errors, it's just black with the HTC logo in the middle, FYI. I'll let the RUU sit like this a little while longer before I force quit it and I'll let you know if I have to do that or if it ends up going through.

Ok, I will try that. Here's to messing around with your tech til 3 in the morning on a Sunday night/Monday Morning. Thank you SO much and I will let you know if it works ;)

my phone has been updating for over 1 now the screen on my reads htc don't know what to do

what will happen if I unplug my phone it's been on the htc screen for like 1 hour

Im getting error code 155, the RUU was incorrect?

Where do i find those?

Place your phone in fastboot mode and run the fastboot command: fastboot getvar all.

Added below, Not sure which you wanted.

RUU M7 UL K44 SENSE55 MR Cingular US 4.18.502.7 R10 Radio 4T.24.3218.09 10.26.1718.01L Release 356565 Signed 2"

Im on at&t, will it matter?

EDIT: Got stuck on 5% like the comments on that link all said. Im going to try another one.

Again; No luck. Nothing I try works.

I unlocked once again, But my phone is wiped. There is no OS, and I cant mount it to my computer because windows doesnt recognise it as a storage device anymore. How can I add a rom through USB?

Actually I got to step 3 where you download your ROM, and the links for AT&T are broken. The file isnt found.

I got all the way to where you type "fastboot flash recovery desktop/TWRP.img" But then says Cannot Load "Desktop/TWRP.img" What am I doing wrong?

I tried this and actually RUU update application stopped work in first step, now the phone starts only to fastboot menu and additionally it is relocked. Anything I can do with it?

Happened to me. Try unlocking it back using the method at HTC's web. It works for me. But CM11 is still there. Trying to find the correct RUU for my phone. Good luck!

How critical is it to have HTC Sync? I am running Mavericks on a Mac and I have HTC Sync downloaded but the newest version isn't compatible with it. It won't recognize that my phone is plugged in. Can I use Android File Transfer?

You are going to want to have HTC Sync installed in order to have their drivers. As long as it has been installed on your system at some point it the drivers will be installed.

I've installed and reinstalled HTC Sync Manager for like twice now. Completely removed everything before I reinstalled it. Still it couldn't recognize my phone when USB plugged.

Dude thank you soo much. Im living internationally for a few months and this saved my ass. I was having problems but realized it was an issue with the Windows 8 USB drivers. Plugged it in to a buddies Win7 machine and this worked flawlessly.

Thanks again.

This looks wonderful. Cyanogen 11 for the 1m8 has real problems.

Is this the correct RUU for an HTC 1m8? If not, where would I find that?

What M8 model do you have? If you can run the fastboot command fastboot getvar all and let me know your MID/CID.

fastboot waits for device, endlessly. adb connects when in recovery mode, but I see no obvious way to get info using adb. Strange, because I used fastboot to install CM.

Any other way to get the info?

That is weird. What carrier is your M8 attached to?

ATT - or whatever SIM I plug in.

Hello I am getting error 155. When I run the installer. Based on command above I ran:

product: m7ul
platform: HBOOT-8064
modelid: PN0714000
cidnum: HTC_044

Hi Mate,

Thanks for sharing.
I gave it a shot but I am still getting error 155.

Main version of my mobile is 6.13.707.1. Is there something I can try again?


Do you know the CID/MID of your device? If not, run fastboot getvar all to find out.

Hi Mate,

Thanks again.
Here you go:

fastboot.exe getvar mid
mid: PN0714000

fastboot.exe getvar cid
cid: HTC_044

But I was reading XDA, can this be because of Firmware mismatch?
Also, Main version of my mobile is 6.13.707.1 can this be the reason?

The only way to install RUU.zips is through fastboot, but you would need an S-OFF device. Have you S-Off'd you device?

oh shit. that's why i cant install thru fastboot. mine's still s-on
working on s-off now.

I got the 155 error. I have an Att HTC One M7. All I ask for is a working phone

What is your CID/MID/Hboot version?

MID: PN0712000
Hboot: 1.57

Would be great if I could get it working. It's currently S-off and has a Relocked Bootloader

Yeah it gets stuck on Updating...(1/5) Checking header.......

yes. just checked with Fastboot getvar all

Well since you are S-Off you can always flash a The results are the same as a RUU.exe, but instead of flashing the stock system files through a windows program you do it through fastboot commands. If you are willing to try it out follow my other guide, but instead of flashing a T-Mobile use this AT&T

Didn't notice till now that I'd typed s off. I'm actually S-on...

Trying now. Thanks for helping!

I also got the error 155. European phone. Trying to download the aouther ruu but get an error downloading it. Someone got another link?

What is your CID/MID/Hboot version? Are your S-Off?

How do I check that?
Is it possible to install cyanogenmod from this stage?

You could install cyanogenmod as long as you have an unlocked bootloader. I could walk you though the process if you want.

mid: PN0710000
cid: HTCY13

can that be right?

whant to ge the phone to factory specs but haven´t done anyting like this befor. Got stuck and now i just want the phone working agin so I can sell it.

Uninstall HTC Sync, restart your computer, and then install it again. The next time you plug in your device use a different USB port and retry the RUU.

sorry but werry new to this. That is S-Off?

It takes off the extra security measures HTC added to the sense firmware.This guide could walk you through the process.

Are you using a Mac or Windows PC?

Okay I will try that then I get home. Out traveling to wensday.

I´m on a PC

don´t work for me. Is´t easier to install cyanogenmod? can you help me with that? Just wan´t the phone to work.

As long as your phone has an unlocked bootloader you can use this guide to install any ROM you like.

cid: HTC001

mid : PN0710000

hbootpreupdate: 11

which stock should i go with pls help

Are you looking for an RUU or just a stock ROM to flash in TWRP?

i got an error not responding and phone was restarting in a loop, my friend installed cyanogenmod but no network, so I went through your tutorial and tried to flash stock rom but got an error it was not the rom for my phone, I don't know what to do now?, I just want my phone to work, right now it just starts in fastboot, pls help me as I'm not very well versed with all this, Thanks

hboot : 1.57

Hi Andrew, I desperately need your help, please help me

I have an HTC one m7 801n EUR edition. sometime back I got an error " has stopped unexpectedly" and phone restarted in a loop. My friend installed cyagenmod 11 without taking any backup/stock rom/nandroid and phone started with no netwrok. I tried to recover but failed. Now my bootloader is unlocked but phone is not starting up just cyagenmod logo keeps showing with arrow. Please help me, I just want my phone to work again, thanks

bootloader version- 1.57
version baseband -4T.27. 3218.14
version main - 5.11.401.10
mid- PN0710000

cid - htc001

does this work for T-mobile phones too?

how to unstall cyanogenmod on sony xperia m2 dual 2302 and back stok version

Hey man, I noticed on some of these posts that is possible to flash a ruu from twrp, if so how do you do it? How do you get the ruu file onto the phone and then be able to access it from twrp? Thanks

can anyone tell me if i can use this method on htc m8 international?

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