Update: Sense 6 Rolling Out on Major US Carriers for the HTC One M7

Sense 6 Rolling Out on Major US Carriers for the HTC One M7

Despite being leaked over a month ago, Sense 6 has now made its official appearance on all major US carriers.

This update weighs in at about 668 MB and comes with Android 4.4.2 KitKat, as well as these new improvements:

  • Updated interfaces for all stock Sense apps like Gallery and Messages.
  • Addition of Extreme Power Saving mode alongside the regular Power Saver mode.
  • New Camera app
  • BlinkFeed improvements
  • Various other system improvements and fixes

If you haven't gotten the notification yet, you can always check manually by going to Settings -> About -> Software Update (or just tap AT&T Software Update if you have the AT&T variant). And if you haven't already, check out my other unoffical guide to Sense 6 on the M7.

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I tried reverting back to a Nandroid of the stock rom (Sprint M7) for this update, but was unsuccessful. The update downloaded fine, however, when trying to install I was taken directly into TWRP (2.6.3). I'm guessing I'll need to unroot in order for it to install.

I initially rooted my phone just for the Sixth Sense experience on the M7, and tried different variants of the rom (Bad Seed and Bad Boyz) which caused a ton of problems. Problems like boot-looping, horrible battery life, phone heating, and loss of features from the drop down drawer. I gave up on custom Sixth Sense, and ended up with CyanogenMod 11 (snapshot).

Is there any way of installing the update without TWRP interfering? If I need to unroot, is it worth it for this release of Sixth Sense?

If you are going to try and update with the OTA you will have to have the stock recovery on the device. I've been using stock Sense 6 as my daily driver and have added all the mods I miss from other ROMS with Xposed.

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