Forum Thread: HTC Sense 5 vs. Stock Android

I always thought Sense was a great UI overlay. Has a lot of cool new features and the next version seems to be even better. Do people prefer stock just because it is what it is? Your thoughts?

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Stock is the pure Google experience, its what Google designed and intended for you to use. A lot of power users prefer it over skinned UIs because of this reason. Sense 5 has been greatly improved over previous versions, it's much sleeker and less bloated. I find that the new UI is nice to look at while it is still being intuitive to use.

If anyone wants to try stock, just download Nova Launcher from the Play Store and give it a try.

No way would any average user prefer stock over sense. Stock just looks too stripped down and intimidating to new Android users. They should go with Sense, why? It's Android made for regular people.

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