How To: Add "OK Google" Hotword Search to HTC Sense & Other Android Launchers

Add "OK Google" Hotword Search to HTC Sense & Other Android Launchers

When I'm showing off my HTC One, the first thing I do is unlock my device and say, "OK Google". It may earn me a weird look or two, but in the end people are amazed by the voice recognition and automation of the Google Now Launcher.

But the option to launch Google Now from a home screen was exclusive to the Now launcher. If you used stock Sense, or just about any other third-party launcher, hotword detection will only work inside of Google Now.

However, thanks to famed Android developer MohammadAG, that restriction is no more. With his Ok Google for 3rd Party Launchers Xposed module (yes, the name leaves a lot to be desired), you can add the same hotword search to almost any launcher out there.

This module will work for any Android device running Android 4.4 KitKat, not just an HTC One, but you will need to be using a supported launcher.

Since this is a Xposed module and uses the Google Now, you should have your phone rooted with Android KitKat and the Xposed Installer.

Supported Stock & Third-Party Launchers

Currently, there are 12 launchers supported (listed below), but MAG is always adding more, so if your favorite launcher isn't listed, be sure to send him a request on his XDA thread.

  • Apex Launcher
  • ADW Launcher
  • Aviate Launcher
  • Action Launcher
  • Dodol Launcher
  • KK Launcher
  • Launcher3 (Trebuchet/CyanogenMod Launcher)
  • LG (G3 has this built in)
  • Nova Launcher
  • Sense 6
  • TouchWiz (S5 has this built in)
  • Xperia Stock Launcher

Installing the Ok Google for 3rd Party Launchers Module

Ok Google for 3rd party launchers can be downloaded from Xposed under the Download section, or directly from here.

After it is done installing, Activate the module and Reboot your phone. You should also make sure your default launcher is set to a supported one, which can be done by going to Settings -> Personalize -> Home screen.

Using Ok Google for 3rd Party Launchers on Your Phone

Once your phone has booted back up, you will be all set, but keep in mind that saying OK Google only works from your home screens and within Google Now.

I have used this on both my M7 and M8 running stock Sense, and it has felt identical to using the Google Now Launcher, so much so that I probably will use it as my new daily driver. Let me know how it worked on your launcher in the comments below!

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Works as described on a Galaxy Note 3 running TW Launcher. Plus, also works on the other launcher I use i.e. Nokia Z Launcher. Thanks for the info.

Hi Andrew,

I installed the module, enables it and rebooted but it doesn't show up. Can't see any reason why. Any ideas appreciated.thanks

Hey. Actually, this process may no longer be needed. Uninstall the module, reboot your device, open Google Now and go to Settings.

From there, hit "Voice", go to "OK Google Detection", and enable it from there.

For info here.

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