Forum Thread: What's the Build Quality Like on HTC Phones?

I wanna switch over from my iPhone and Apple is pretty much known for their build quality. Seeing how the HTC One looks on video, do you think it will feature a similar build quality. Not sure what past HTC phones were like so I'm clueless.

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Thats hard to say really. HTC says the One is an all aluminum unibody design, so it must be built fairly well. I read it takes like 2 hours or something to machine the back from a piece of aluminum. That must mean something right?

It takes that long for the back???

I guess it says something for the quality...but do you know if HTC was careful with the builds on their older phones? I just wanna know the history

Judging from what I read on previous reviews of HTC phones, their build quality has definitely been stepped up a lot with the HTC One. There's a more premium feel with the HTC One than prior smartphones by HTC. It's good to see manufactures taking their design to a whole new level. Apple can't keep setting at the top now. :-)

I'm glad to see HTC taking their phone designs more seriously, then more companies will try to improve their own phone designs. How else will they be able to compete? Up until the HTC One got announced, all the buzz has been on Sony. I'm glad HTC is in the spotlight. Apple is in the news too much, it's nice to see other companies being reported on.

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