Forum Thread: Removing BlinkFeed Completely and Disabling Annoyances

BlinkFeed was shown as news "at a glance-and-go" but if you ask me, it isn't done very well. Those large rectangles and image heavy previews kinda defeat the purpose in my opinion. I'm sure many HTC One users like it, but I don't. Anyway of uninstalling BlinkFeed and getting rid of it off my homescreen?

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From what I can gather, you cannot completely remove BlinkFeed. You can clear it of all it's news hubs and essentially have a blank page, but it will always be to the far left when you swipe over to it. I'll be on the look out for a custom rom with this feature removed in the meanwhile.

use any launcher like go launcher ...or use this simple method Drag and drop the widget on the "Remove" button. It will be highlighted in Red. There you have it, all gone, leaving behind a crisp layout on your HTC One screen.

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