News: The New HTC One Is Coming Soon...

The New HTC One Is Coming Soon...

Here's the first look commercial straight from HTC on their new HTC One device, with a full metal body, BlinkFeed, Zoe, BoomSound, and more.

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Heads up. The HTC One was just released the other day in Taiwan!

Whhhaaaat? How much is going for? Phones there are unlocked right?

About $670. That's a lot for a phone... Yep, unlocked too. Wonder if anyone will import one for here. Pretty sure it'll get 3G on AT&T.

I'll wait for it to officially hit the states here. 2 years on Verizon? Count me in!

Anyone spotted any reviews of the phone yet? Or am I just looking in the wrong places...

Nope. None as of yet from what I can tell. Lot of hands-on reviews but I don't think anyone should take those too seriously.

People who have the money will get the phone imported. It's not too crazy to spend 600+ on a smartphone these days. If people what it, they'll buy it. :-P

Any news of a release date for AT&T?

Rumors pin point the release date for US carriers for March 22. No one is sure if it's confirmed.

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