Forum Thread: Is Anyone Going to Buy a HTC One?

Anyone convinced of it's features or design? Just wondering about other peoples opinions.

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I like the design. But it looks like a lot like the iPhone 5 don't you agree? Other than that, I like the new revamped look of Sense UI and the new camera features. Can't wait to see reviews of the camera quality up soon.

I think the HTC One does share some design similarities to the iPhone 5, but it's still distinct. Not like it's a direct copy or anything like that. I'm sold on the design if you ask me. It's upping the game for Android phones. Look at the BB Z10, I mean, a lot of phones now look the same.

A lot of phones look the same now, but their similarities are really diff from what the iPhone 5 looks like, and so it does kind of seem like a direct copy compared to how others are designed (ex. Nexus 4 looks waaay diff)

I guess it is kind of nice tho to have 2 good designs but different OS if someone likes the iPhone 5 design but doesn't want to use Apple, so I see what you mean.

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