Forum Thread: HTC One vs iPhone 5S/6, Galaxy S4, Note 3, XPERIA Z

The HTC One looks to be a serious contender against other companies flagship smartphones. We all know the iPhone 5S/6, Galaxy S4, Note 3 and XPERIA Z will all be released around the same timeframe, so shouldn't we wait before taking the plunge on the HTC One? Seems buying a smartphone now is a bad choice.

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I can't wait for the new HTC One! It looks just like the iPhone (which I've been an avid consumer of), but it isn't.

I think it looks very promising and stylish. I don't think all these new phones means that buying a smartphone is a bad choice; it just means you have more options going around!

That's true for any smartphone. There's always going to be newer and better smartphones being announced. Wait if you can, but if you need an upgrade, just go and get the phones released now.

There's gonna be stiff competition with this years phones. iPhone 5S/6 is only speculation at this point. There aren't any credible leaks yet. Samsung GS4 and Note 3 are gonna be announced soon so just wait and see. Motorola X is the supposed next Nexus phone, but nothing has been revealed yet.

XPERIA Z has been out and reviewed, but I don't think any carriers will have the phone on contract :-(

I'm sure everyone has their own opinion on which phone is the best, but until they all are released and speed tested, it's just speculation for now. Who knows, some phones may be game changers and others just hype.

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