How To: Get Android Alerts for When Your Favorite Websites Update Content

Get Android Alerts for When Your Favorite Websites Update Content

The problem with striving to be on the bleeding edge of what's new for your smartphone, or really anything else in life, is having to constantly check websites and forums for new content. And with lots of that browsing happening on our phones, the aimless page loading and refreshing is not just annoying when there isn't new content, but can lead to wasted data usage, not to mention time.

To ease this stress, use the app HasItChanged by developer Detian Shi. His app automatically notifies you whenever a website has been updated. This not only reduces the amount of time you spend trekking through the internet looking for new content, but it can also save you from getting throttled by your carrier.

Step 1: Install HasItChanged

HasItChanged can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Create a New Entry

Now it's time to create your first Has It Changed entry. Tap the + icon on the top action bar, then enter a website's URL. Under the "Protocol" section, you will need to enter either HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP. If you are unsure of which protocol to enter, you can check by going to the website and viewing its URL.

Step 3: Set Up Checking Interval

All of the other options are already set up to handle a proper update system, except for Timeframe. There are no preset time intervals, so feel free to enter any time frame you like. You should also enable the Wifi ONLY option to make sure you do not use up your mobile data.

Once the entry is set up, you can wait for the app to run the check when the time interval is reached, but you can also tap the Refresh button on the main page to check manually. The updates for all of your entries can be found in the Summary section on the left slide-out menu, or you can look at each individual website by tapping its icon.

Now you will never miss out on all the newest posts from the WonderHowTo main page! Let us know what you think of HasItChanged in the comments below or on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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