One Day Only: Pick Up the HTC One M8 for $99

Pick Up the HTC One M8 for $99

HTC is gearing up for Mother's Day with a one day only, half-off promotion on their new HTC One M8.

Starting May 8th at 12:01am CST, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon customers can pick up the flagship device for $99 (yes, you'll need to sign a contract). You can take advantage of the deal at your local wireless provider's store, big box retailers like Best Buy and Target, or directly through HTC. The promotion will end shortly before midnight, around 11:50pm CST, on May 8th.

So, interested in picking up the power saving, IR blasting, nearly indestructible device? Tomorrow's a great day to do it, as the Korean OEM is clearly trying to get their product to the masses ahead of the upcoming releases of its smaller and larger variants.

T-Mobile is not participating, while Verizon is supplanting the promotion with a half-off deal of their own. Up until May 12th, customers interested in joining Big Red can grab the M8 ($99), along with Apple's iPhone 5S ($99), and Samsung's new Galaxy S5 ($99) and ever-so-popular Note 3 ($199), at greatly discounted prices.

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