News: Is the HTC One M8 Indestructible? No, But It Comes Pretty Close

Is the HTC One M8 Indestructible? No, But It Comes Pretty Close

The new HTC One M8 has only been out for a few hours, but it's apparent that some people had their hands on the device before the announcement. And well, one them decided to drop the thing in water.

Reddit member BD7349 posted his water test for all to see, and I've gotta say, an hour and half in the water has me impressed. Just imagine how many times you can accidentally drop it in the toilet without frying it.

HTC has made no mention of any waterproofing for their new flagship, so while it not be officially capable (like the new Galaxy S5), this may be a testament to the device's build quality.

So, How Do You Break This Thing?

I guess BD7349 wasn't quite done testing, or satisfied at having a still-functioning product, so naturally the toolbox came out.

First came the keys, butcher knife, and utility knife, none of which were able inflict any noticeable wear on the screen. While the keys were able to make a few surface scratches to the back, it wasn't until the utility knife that things began to get nasty.

Then came the hammer! To be honest, I've seen plenty of drop and hammer tests for devices, but this one kind of shocked me. Yes, the device did succumb to the tool, but only after the owner stated his determination to break the device.

Go ahead, see for yourself.

It took the jagged edge to finally inflict real damage—damage that a device should never see through normal wear and tear.

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