News: Sprint HTC One M8 Receives First Update—Your Battery Life Will Thank You

Sprint HTC One M8 Receives First Update—Your Battery Life Will Thank You

Although the new HTC One M8 was only released about two weeks ago, owners of the Sprint variant are receiving their first software update this morning.

Rolling out is software version 1.54.651.8, which officially brings "general stability" and "call performance" improvements.

What Sprint fails to mention is the biggest aspect of the update, the addition of extreme power saving mode. With this mode enabled, your standby time is greatly extended, allowing for only basic functions such as phone calls, text messaging, and email being available for use.

To enable the feature, swipe down from the status bar with two fingers to open Quick Settings, then tap the Extreme power saving mode tile to turn the mode on. Or to set when to automatically switch this mode on, tap the three-dot menu button below the tile, select the check box, and choose the battery level the mode will turn on.

This is perfect for those times when your battery is low and you just need the damn thing to stay on. Did you receive your update? Let us know in the comments below.

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