News: HTC Readies Its Follow-Up to the HTC One

HTC Readies Its Follow-Up to the HTC One

Stock prices be damned, HTC is ready to right the ship with it's soon-to-be-released follow up to the HTC One. The financially challenged device maker, according to inside sources, plans a March release for it's newest flagship.

We know that the Taiwanese manufacturer all but buried its One X and One X+ devices, so it's no wonder they're scrambling to get the next major release out there. While nothing is confirmed, we can assume two things:

A larger screen, and a twin sensor camera.

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The screen is a no-brainer—with the massive success of devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (and to a lesser extent the Galaxy S4), consumers want bigger screens.

The twin sensor camera will provide the device with better focus and depth of field. Coupled with presumably updated camera software with the new version of Sense, HTC will likely tout the camera as a major selling point for their new flagship.

In any regard, HTC has got to be relying on their new device to help get them out of their hole. Hopefully they get it right—we'll have to wait and see.

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