How To: Use Your Android's Camera to Automatically Convert Foreign Price Tags

Use Your Android's Camera to Automatically Convert Foreign Price Tags

I may not be a well-traveled man, but one thing I've learned from my few excursions across the world is that currency exchange rates are a serious pain to keep up with. With global markets seemingly in a continuous flux, I started looking for anything to make staying on top of them easier, and thats when I found Price Helper.

The people over at WOXAPP developed Price Helper to make converting the price of objects to a different currency as easy as snapping a picture. If you don't feel like snapping a price tag pic, you can manually enter in the info as you can with most other currency conversion apps.

Step 1: Install Price Helper

Price Helper is a free download on the Google Play Store for any Android device running 4.0 or above.

Note: Be sure to check with your carrier regarding roaming charges before using this abroad, or make sure to be on Wi-Fi, since Price Helper uses data to update exchange rates.

Step 2: Select Your Currencies

Price Helper will automatically look up your location to determine the currency it scans for. You can also manually select the source and target currencies by tapping either of their respective flags. The rates are updated automatically every 7 days through Yahoo! Finance, but you can update them manually by tapping the refresh icon on the currency-select screen.

Price Helper can also be used to do conversions without the need for a picture by simply entering a price into the top left price field. If you ever need to refer back to a previous conversion, just tap the icon on the bottom left of the screen.

With Price Helper in your pocket, you will never be swindled by a local trying to make a quick buck off a tourist again!

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