How To: Snap Photos on Your HTC One Just by Whistling

Snap Photos on Your HTC One Just by Whistling

Love or hate them, selfies are here to stay, and because of their rise in popularity, developers are clamoring to jump on the bandwagon. Most companies offer ways to add filters and share them, but few aim at changing the way the are taken.

Whistle Camera, developed by DreamBit Apps, makes snapping a selfie while you are wearing gloves, waiting for the perfect moment, or trying to capture a group shot easy—all you gotta do is whistle. By no means is this going to take over your main camera app, but this certainly does come in handy when you are in bind.

You can download Whistle Camera directly from the Google Play Store for free.

To take a picture with Whistle Camera, all you have to do is open the app, set up your shot, and whistle. If you're using the front-facing camera (selfies!), you can also set up a timer, since nobody wants to make an accidental duck face.

After you take a photo, they will be stored in your internal storage in DCIM/WhistleCamera, but you can always change that to the default camera folder from the app's settings.

Now you can enjoy taking group or self portraits without the strain of making sure you set your timer up correctly.

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Cover image via Reggie Tsunami

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