How To: Get Your HTC One M7 Ready for a Different Mobile Carrier

Get Your HTC One M7 Ready for a Different Mobile Carrier

Whether it's spotty data coverage, bad customer service, or a high monthly bill, at some point many of us consider changing carriers. The problem is, we often don't want or need to change our devices. Since it's now legal to unlock devices to bring to new carriers, getting devices switched over is doable, but it's pain going into carrier stores and dealing with their constant upselling.

When you're finally fed up with your mobile provider and ready to switch to a new one, do it yourself. Keep your existing device and install the latest software from your new carrier in just a few simple steps. You'll be able to use their built-in apps as well as receive automatic software updates, just like you would if you purchased your HTC One directly from them.

Understanding the Necessary Steps

Using downloadable RUUs with an S-Off device, we can easily change firmwares to switch from one carrier to another, as long as they are both GSM/LTE (sorry Sprint and Verizon Wireless users). The first steps will be to change your CID and MID, then install a new firmware.

A CID, or Carrier ID, is the line of code that tells your device which mobile provider it is tied to. By changing an AT&T CID to a T-Mobile one, you can to install a T-Mobile ROM. The same goes for the MID, or Model ID.

RUU stands for ROM Update Utility, and is what allows us to install a carrier's stock Radio, Recovery, and Firmware onto our One. Finally, to install a T-Mobile ROM, we will be using a T-Mobile RUU.

In this guide, I will be showing you how to change your One's CID/MID and flash a RUU from a different carrier. There will be an optional step for relocking your bootloader, but only if you want to install OTA's directly from your new carrier.

Getting Your HTC One & PC Ready

Be sure to get a few basics out of the way before getting started with the process:

Step 1: Change Your CID

The first and most important step is to change your CID to match the carrier you are switching to. Since I am going from AT&T to T-Mobile, I will be using T-MOB010. If you are unsure what CID to use, here is a great reference list from XDA member MrKongeniality.

  1. Connect your device to your computer and reboot into bootloader by typing the adb reboot bootloader command into terminal prompt.
  2. Then, change your CID with the fastboot oem writecid T-MOB010 command (change "T-MOB010" to your new carrier's CID).
  3. Reboot your device with fastboot reboot.

Step 2: Change Your MID

Usually, this step would require flashing a custom "Engineering" bootloader onto your phone, but thanks to XDA member Golv, there is now a simple tool that can be flashed in TWRP, or any other custom recovery.

  1. Download the MID Change Tool directly onto your One.
  2. Reboot your phone into recovery mode by plugging into your computer and typing the adb reboot recovery command.
  3. From TWRP, tap "Install" and select the you downloaded.
  4. Swipe to confirm flash and then let the AROMA installer startup.
  5. Agree to the terms in the AROMA Installer and select the MID you are planning to switch to. Since I am going to T-Mobile, I will be selecting the "PN0713000" Model ID.
  6. Press "Next" and let the installer do its work. If the install process stops at 0%, hold the Power button for about ten seconds, or until the phone reboots, and repeat the process. This a known issue with the MID tool.
  7. Once the install finishes, hit "Done", then "Reboot System" from TWRP.

Step 3: Relock Your Bootloader (Optional)

This step is only necessary if you want to install official OTA updates from your new carrier. Just remember that like unlocking the bootloader, relocking it will restore your device to a like-new condition, at least software-wise, and you will lose all of your data.

  1. Download the Revone tool and place it on your PC's Desktop. This tool will allow you to relock your bootloader without having that unappealing "RELOCKED" banner.
  2. Push Revone onto your One with the adb push Desktop/revone /data/local/tmp command (change "Desktop/revone" to the location where you saved Revone).
  3. Prepare Revone to run on your One with the following four commands separately and in order: adb shell, su, cd /data/local/tmp, and chmod 755 revone.
  1. Lock your bootloader and exit the adb shell with ./revone -l.
  1. Reboot your One to bootloader mode with adb reboot bootloader.

Step 4: Install Your New Carrier RUU

Since you already know your new carrier's CID, you can use HTC1Guru's extensive collection to find the right one for you.

  1. If you didn't relock your bootloader, you will need to put your device back into fastboot mode with adb reboot bootloader.
  2. Rename the RUU file to "" and place it on you Desktop.
  3. Place your device into RUU Mode so that we can begin the flash. Use the fastboot oem rebootRUU command. You'll know you did it right once you see a silver HTC Logo on your One.
  1. Push the RUU to your device with fastboot flash zip Desktop/
  2. Install the RUU by using the same command: fastboot flash zip Desktop/ After a few seconds, a green progress bar will appear under the HTC logo.
  1. Once the flash has completed, you will get a "Successful" message in your terminal window.
  1. Erase your cache to prevent boot-loops with fastboot erase cache.
  2. Then reboot your One with fastboot reboot.

All Set! Your HTC One Is Now Carrier Switched

Once your device boots back up, you will be the proud owner of re-branded HTC One and will to go through the process of setting your device up as if it were new, after which you can restore your data and check for your new carrier's latest OTA (Settings -> About -> Software Update).

Be sure to leave a comment if you are having any issues or just to let us know how your experience went!

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i did exactly as explained and i successfully flashed a new rom with different cid but carrier is locked it says network locked contact customer support. could you please help me out i have a rogers htc one m7 and i want to switch to india htc_038 cid to use that country's network. i also tried using bell sim card but still no success.

A SIM-Unlock guide is coming up, so check back in a bit. You may also want to buy and OTG Cable with USB power if you do not have one since SIM unlocks require one.

It worked really good for me. Now I have Att htc one phone with OTA with Tmobile. Do I need to turn S-On now? would it mess it up if S-On was done?

You can leave your phone S-Off if you want. At this point it does not matter if you have S-On or S-Off.


Quick question (and I apologize if i didn't understand this) So the htc one m7 seems it can't be transferred (e.g.) from sprint to at&t even though its rooted. But then why the need for the SIM card?

Im sure most carries internationally are Gsm, does that mean i can't use my sprint htc on a international carrier?. Thanks

Hello, everything is working fine until I tried to push the to my device using the command "fastboot flash zip Desktop/" and it responds with "error: cannot load 'Desktop/'"

Are you using a Windows PC or Mac?

hi plz help me i changed mid and flash RUU Zip M7 Google Edition 4.4 3.58.1700.5 - HTC1Guru this rom and phone was not on just adb driver and no mid number and boot mode was unknow plz help me

Hi just curious, did you ever get past this stage? I'm in the same situation. Would like to know how? Thanks.

Hello, do these steps apply to my unlocked phone? I purchased it directly from; Phone is not rooted. Thank you.

You would need to S-Off your device to do this.

Hi, I live in Brazil, sorry my bad English.

My HTC One m7 is the 801n, 4G LTE, AT&T. Here on Brazil I use other carrier: VIVO. So, my smartphone is unlocked. But, it dont receives updates. I can change for T-Mobile for to receive updates? On site of HTC the T-Mobile shows updates to download in case of cell to be T-Mobile... and AT&T not.

Other question, What is CID and MID. Sorry, I am noob rs

If you want to convert your M7 to T-Mobile to receive their OTA's you can follow this guide. Use the CID and MID mentioned in the guide as well.

CID is what identifies the carrier your device is attached to. MID is the model number of the phone, which is also carrier specific.

ok, Andrew! I am with fear of to do the changes rs.. Here in Brazil don't have support to HTC, If I to do some bad thing, I loose my cell.

I dont speak English, It's very bad, I don't understand the video.. =(
I don't know what is S-On and S-Off, I need learning! rsrs

Well the video has the same instructions as the guide. Maybe use google translate to translate to portuguese? Sorry, I'm not sure of any Brazilian websites that could help you out.

Yes, I am using the google translate rsrs. But don't is very good...

With the changes the updates will be automatic, even with other carrier? I will want have the Sense 6.0 to economy energy rs

If you are just looking to get the latest version of Sense 6 you can always flash this ARHD ROM. It is completely stock and has the latest version of the Sense software.

Since you are not S-Off I would stick with the ARHD ROM option.

You need to be S-Off before you can flash a RUU.

Andrew, What the difference of S-Off to Unlocked Bootloader?
On site of HTCdev has as to unlock the bootloader... It Is the same process?
Sorry the questions =D ...
I am taking courage for to make the changes rsrs. If something goes wrong, can I fix it?
On site of HTCdev says to be dangerous to unlocked bootloader :(

Thanks you for your patience!!!

S-Off means you have complete access to every file system on your phone. Unlocked bootloader means you can flash a new recovery and flash ROMs that way. Everything can be fixed, and HTC only says that so that inexperienced users do not mess up their phones.

ok, I Will try!!
In case some problem, Do you help-me?

Yes, but be sure to follow all of the instructions exactly as they are written.

Ok! I am using Windows, the command lines are the same?

Yes, but be sure to use the right formatting when entering the file locations. Meaning, include the drive letters

if i have a cid of 111111 do i need to change it again?
or just install a new ruu?

i have an htc one dev' edition (PN07120) and my carrier here in Israel tells my it doesnt support their specific LTE...?

To receive updates you will need to change your CID to the one that matches the carrier's RUU. If your carrier uses different LTE bands it will still not be able to when you flash a new RUU.

So if my htc one m7 doesnt support the 1800 mhz lte frequency band, theres nothing to do?

Sorry, but there is nothing you can do.

Hello,am in ghana and am using Htc one AT&T my hotspot dose not work. so i followed your post to change the carrier. everything is working fine until I tried to push the to my device using the command "fastboot flash zip Desktop/" and it responds with "error: cannot open 'Desktop/ Am using a windows 8 machine.

Try spelling 'Desktop' correctly :)

Place the in the parent folder of your harddrive and then change "Desktop/" to "C:\"

thanks for responding to me.its still not working below is a snap shot of the error massage

You are using a '\' instead of '/'.

I'm from Dominican Republic and i have a HTC One M7 from T-mobile, and i want to know if there's a way to unlock all frequency bands on the phone, so it can work on any company, at any 3G network?

The US M7 only supports the bands listed in this article. There is no way to access more bands.

Will this work with the HTC one m8?

As of right now the M8 does not have many RUUs available so this process will not work.

Will you make a new tutorial for the m8 when the RUUs are available?

my friend i have a concern.

my CID is 1111111 and am running room 3.22.1540.1 I did the searching and I've found this is the US Developers Edition Firmware... however my device is 32gb not 64gb.... am getting OTA updates however when I try to install them it stops and shows installation aborted... I've got the RUU rom ready to install but am not pretty sure how to do this...

I got S-off however the phone says LOCKED -- how can i update in this case? -- thanks for your advises Andrew.

What error are you getting during the update?

Would this work for switching from a t-mobile m7 to Verizon or is the GSM to CDMA still an issue?

This will only work with GSM to GSM since the CDMA version uses different radios.

Hi!! I'm from Costa Rica, and i have an unlock htc one m7 from Verizon. I have a problem and hope you can help me.

My carrier uses different frequencies for GSM, 3G and 4G, so, as you wonder, I have some troubles, specially when I receive or make calls (stock rom, have a duration of 20 sec, and then it shows "Sim Error" and finish the call, also ask me for the pin code) and also, with the coverage, in some parts that with my old phone (nexus 4) didn't have problem at all.

I rooted and S-OFF the phone, so i tried different custom roms to test if this would fix the problem, and it didn't. Im using TIKTAK rom, which, interestingly, works, not 100%, but it retains the calls for a longer time (if I put the 2G mode, I can talk forever, but i would have the worst internet) and the HSDPA (Set in LTE mode) works in some place only.

I have no idea what can I do for fix it... if it can be fix...


The issues you are having is due to the radio of your device. That is a hardware issue and can't be fixed by flashing a new ROM. I'm not aware of any way to get CDMA devices to work on different GSM networks.

What carrier would be best to switch to for the fastest OTA updates? I have a sim-unlocked AT&T M7 coming but my service is T-Mobile. To get Android L the fastest when it is released should I convert to the Developer Edition? Google Play Edition? International Unlocked?

If you switch the Developer Edition you will be the first to get Android L with Sense UI, but if you are looking for a vanilla Android L experience you should switch to GPE.

Also, will the Developer Edition software still support all the hardware LTE bands for the AT&T variation? Or do I need to flash the AT&T radio for full support.

The Dev edition has all the same band support.

hi Andrew, thanks for be there for us... hehehe.. because you are helping us a lot with your article and your answers. I have an HTC One M7 unlocked, and I can use it here in Venezuela, but the problem is I can't get H+ with my carrier, just Edge. However, the cell phone works fine for others network operators here. it seems like my unlocked phone does not work on my carrier 3G band (900 MHz), just on 2G. there is a way I can change or add that 3G frequency ?. thanks in advance for your answer.

Unfortunately you cannot add the ability to read different bands to your device. That is a hardware limitation. You can try and search for the specific radio that is associated with your carrier on the XDA forums, but that probably won't make much of a difference.

That´s is a bad new for me :( .... Thanks for the answer Andrew

What is the meaning if any HTC one M7 device have written "This is a test device, Accordingly, to collect critical information about the device, tell HTC is enabled and cannot be turned off regardless of device setting." ???

I was tried to upgrade my device to 4.4 android with sense 5.5 but failed. installation process starts after downloading complete, and in between red caution sign appears and then device switch off and ON again on previouse android 4.3 with sense 5.0.

this phrase written with RED color under Settings/About/Tell HTC and error reporting.

By any chance are you using a developer edition? That just means the device will send anonymous usage data to HTC in order to help them improve their ROMs.

Thanks for prompt response Andrew,
I don't know if it is a developer edition, I was just purchase it online, unlocked HTC one M7, 32 GB.
and what about the upgrade failure? whats a probable reason for this failure?

You most likely have a international version which is why you are seeing that message. The upgrade failure could be due to a couple of reasons. If you have an unlocked bootloader or have modified your firmware in anyway that could be why.

so how I can fix this upgrade issue in either case?

Well what modifications have you done to your device?

Hello Andrew. I used Jtag to resurrect my dead htc one m7. it cameback to life, but I discovered it became sim locked.I have purchased 3 different codes to no avail. I have followed ur guide on the other thread to unlock it using the free method, still no lock. I need your assistance on what to do.Thanks in anticipation of your response.

I am seeing a lot of people are also have that same issue on some XDA threads, but no one has been able to come up with a solution. I will be sure to keep and eye out on those threads for you and let you know as soon as I find something that fixes it.

From what I was reading it seems that before the phone was saved by a Jtag you were supposed to make a back up of some phone partitions. Did the service that fix your phone also give you those partition back ups?

It's brand new phone and I didn't do any modification on it.

If it is brand new directly from HTC then it shouldn't have an unlocked bootloader or anything. What exact error are you getting when you try to update?

there is NO error massage displaying. the sequence is. on the normal running condition, I receives the massage of system upgrade the OS to KitKat 4.4 and sense 5.5. when I accept it, it starts downloading which is about 800 plus MB of size. after downloading completes, it prompt me to 3 options "Install now or later or NO Install". after choosing "Install now" it starts installation and after some time during installation it shows red color triangle error sign and after some time its restart the phone automatically on previous version, OS 4.3 and sense 5.0.

If you can, let me know the HBOOT version on your bootloader menu. To get there press and hold the power and volume down button until your device restarts and you see a white menu.

You could try installing this RUU. It will update your phone and should fix your update issues. It will also wipe your entire device, so be sure to back up everything if you do decide to use it.

Thnx Andrew, I'll try it.

I am stuck on the last section. Whenever I try to flash the RUU it fails updating the userpartiton. Anyone else have had this issue?

Please copy over the error you see in terminal/cmd.

im getting the "cannot load" error

Are you using a Windows or Mac? If you are using a Windows PC it will be easier if you place the RUU file in the parent folder of your harddrive. The command will then change to fastboot flash zip C:\

I am getting the same error

Copy over your commands and I'll check them out to see if anything looks out of place.

Microsoft Windows Version 6.1.7601
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\Umar Farooq\Desktop\platform-tools>adb reboot bootloader

C:\Users\Umar Farooq\Desktop\platform-tools>fastboot oem rebootRUU
(bootloader) Start Verify: 0
OKAY 0.056s
finished. total time: 0.057s

C:\Users\Umar Farooq\Desktop\platform-tools> fastboot flash zip C:\
error: cannot load 'C:\'

C:\Users\Umar Farooq\Desktop\platform-tools>fastboot flash zip C:\
error: cannot load 'C:\'

C:\Users\Umar Farooq\Desktop\platform-tools>adb reboot bootloader

C:\Users\Umar Farooq\Desktop\platform-tools>fastboot oem rebootRUU
(bootloader) Start Verify: 0
OKAY 0.052s
finished. total time: 0.053s

C:\Users\Umar Farooq\Desktop\platform-tools>fastboot flash zip C:\
error: cannot load 'C:\'

C:\Users\Umar Farooq\Desktop\platform-tools>

Did you rename the RUU to and place it in the parent folder of your hard drive?

i renamed it and placed it in to my Local Disk (C:)

In an effort to try different things,
i changed the name of the file to RUU without the .zip
and i dont get an error this time. My computer freezes.

You need to keep the extension. Since you are doing everything right it may be an issue with the RUU itself. Redownload the zip and retry the process.

I retried it
Still didnt work

Is there any other method of doing it?
like using a exe file and zipping it my self or download it on to my phone?

Try it one more time and this time place the in the same folder as fastboot. So now the command will be fastboot flash zip

I have tried putting it in my fasboot folder. and Im still getting the error
I was getting the same error with revone, so i moved the revone file onto my phone and I ran it from there.
Can i try doing the same thing with the

I got my RUU changed by installing the RUU rom from the HTC website and running it on my PC.

I am using a windows
do i move my adb there too?

Im having problems finding the At&t CID. Can you help me out?

can i get my sprint htc one m7 to work with t-mobile???

It may be possible but the process will be differn. Also, your signal won't be as strong since the hardware is different.

how about if i had a at&t htc one couldent i just contact at&t and tell them i want an unlock code???

If you are the original owner and have an account in good standing with AT&T then that wouldn't be an issue.

oh im not the original owner so i guess i have to do this what is everything i need to do like do i need a sim card im switching from at&t to t-mobile

Hi Andrew need ur help...I am from India but my htc one has the Europe ruu and I want to switch to indian version but am unable to get the RUU file for it so plzzzzz help me. my htc one m7 is s-off rooted with unlocked boot loader currently running viperone rom 4.4.3. I would be very obliged with ur spontaneous response. Thank u :)

Which carrier are you trying to switch to?

Well my cell is unlocked and I can use any carrier here in India,I tried to search for the indian ruu and had no luck I don't mind being on the existing Europe ruu if I get one cuz I want to switch back to stock....listed below are some more details if that can help u give me the right ruu.

Mid PN0710000
Cid HTC001

K bro lets make I simple I want to switch back to stock rom whr I can get ota updates so it does not matter which country ruu I am on I just want to get back on stock so as per the cid n mid plzzz tell which ruu shd I use to get back to stock.

Cool thanks a lot bro will try it...

Thanks Andrew for your big help to every one here
I have a Verizon htc one m7 unlocked and works great on 2g and 3g
But i want to switch it to the international version to get ota updates
Will that be possible

Unfortunately the Verizon model is incompatible with the developer/international RUU so converting it is a no go. You could flash the ARHD stock ROM since it is updated right when a new OTA is released.

Thanks Andrew for your big help

I have a Verizon htc one m7 unlocked and works grea on 2g and 3g But i want to switch to the international version to get ota updates Will that work for me not to another carrier is that possible

Thanks aagain

I bought a AT&T Unlocked HTC ONE M7 and did all the steps to put TMOBILE RUU on it, but it doesn't work...Why? It only does the first 3 steps then it says "FAILED". Please help! I've spent like the whole day trying to figure this out.

Yep, I changed the CID to ""T-MOB010" and the MID to "PN0713000". As this is Tmobile US. Just when I try to do the RUU thing, it shows what's in the screenshot every time..also the green bar never shows up. :(

I figured it out. For some reason every time I downloaded that RUU, my mac kept decompressing the file so I guess some files would be lost. Thx of the help

I went through all the steps. And everything worked perfectly, until I got to step 4.

I have both the HTC one m7 and m8. The m7 model is for Sprint and the m8 is for tmobile, as you can tell I switched carriers from Sprint to tmobile, the question I had was I unlocked the Sprint m7 to T-Mobile but I was always loosing service and had to search for network every 5 minutes , is there a way I can just loose the Sprint network for good and just keep tmovilw as default by changing the Rom or ruu?

Did you set your APN to match T-Mobile? You may also be losing signal because of a radio mismatch.

Yeah the apns are set properly. Am I able to change the radio img to a T-Mobile one to keep the network active?

i have at&t m7 and now im in Ireland any using Three Network !!
but 4G(LTE) is not working in my phone
if i will these steps ,4G would Work ?

It should give you better signal since it uses a new radio, but if your new carrier has different 4G radio bands than AT&T you will still be unable to get LTE.

I have an M7 SIM unlocked from Cincinnati Bell and running on T-Mobile. I want to do this so I can get Sense 6.0 and Android 5.0 when it comes out. Does this risk re-locking the SIM to the original carrier?

No OTA should SIM lock your device.

Hi Andrew

I wanna change my HTC_J15 Arabic version to HTC_M27 (Turkey) and it must be stock,unrooted and unlocked(not relocked) afterwards as your guide explains. Are these tools compatible with m8 if i find the correct RUU.


Thanks for this great guide! I saw on a forum someone mentioned this page on HTC's website - which seems to install a T-Mobile ROM. Should that accomplish the same thing as what's in this guide? Basically I bought an unlocked HTC One from Amazon and it seems to have AT&T software on it, however I am on T-Mobile, so I want to "convert" it over to a T-Movile HTC One. Thanks!

You can use that RUU, but you will still need to be S-Off since you have an AT&T branded device.

Thanks so much for your help and this guide. For those wondering about the HTC upgrade above, I had problems with the ROM upgrade tool from the HTC site. After S-Off it still didn't work, though it may be because I'm on a Windows 8.1 machine (htcfastboot stopped working). I used something from Nocturnal to get ADB and Fastboot working on Win 8.1. Anyway, after two days, I think I have a working T-Mobile HTC One now!

I am stuck with the HTC RUU screen a triangle with an exclimation point in it in all 4 corners no matter what I do! I have changed my CID and MID, downloaded the RUU zip i want and run it and it fails!

Please help!

Hmmm that is strange. Try this process again, but before rebooting into RUU mode run the command fastboot erase cache.

Hi Andrew, tried that, now I think I'm really in trouble. See below images. I cannot even reboot into fastboot mode now. The device stays in the black "HTC" screen with the triangle/! icon in all four corners. If I hold down the power button to get it to shut off, then try to hold power and volume-down to boot into fastboot to do a recovery, I still get the black screen.

I can get into the fastboot screen if I attach to my PC and then unattach (note: PC does not recognize the device). However, the fastboot options are gone (see bottom screenshot).

Any ideas?

Get your device into the psuedo-fastboot screen, connect it to your PC and run the command fastboot devices. If it recognizes your device retry the RUU install.

It does recongize the device when I type "fastboot devices". I tried the reinstall and it still fails. Here's the tail end of the logs from that:

(bootloader) RUUUZ,radio,100
(bootloader) RUUWP,radio,0
(bootloader) RUUWP,radio,24
(bootloader) RUUWP,radio,49
(bootloader) RUUWP,radio,74
(bootloader) RUUWP,radio,99
(bootloader) RUUWP,radio,100
(bootloader) ...... Successful
(bootloader) start imagercdata unzipping & flushing...
(bootloader) RUUUZ,rcdata,0
(bootloader) RUUWP,rcdata,0
(bootloader) ...... Successful
FAILED (remote: 51 partition update fail)
finished. total time: 304.982s

Also, tried "fastboot reboot-bootloader" to reboot into the bootloader so I could go to recovery, but that also didn't work. It rebooted right back into RUU mode.

Any other ideas? Thanks for the help!

Try it again, but run fastboot erase cache beforehand.

If i go from AT&T to T-Mobile and then factory reset it, will it switch it back to AT&T? i need to fix purple tint but they warned me that they'll factory reset it and lock the phone.

If you plan on returning your device to HTC to have the tint issue fixed you must return it back to the original carrier's ROM. Once it is fixed you can S-Off and flash a different RUU.

Okay cool. So when i get it back, it'll be sim locked. Should i unlock the sim or do this first and then unlock it

The SIM should not be re locked. The only thing you will have to do again is unlock your bootloader and S-Off.

doess this works for the htc one M8??????????????????

Yes, but you will need to find the appropriate RUU for the carrier you want to switch to.

Thanks for this great article! BTW - to save everyone else some time, you're gonna have to use sunshine to S-Off if your hboot is 1.57.

My problem is that after I successfully made it through all the steps (converted HTC One m7 AT&T to T-Mobile stock), I can't see the network. When I go into Network - Service State, it says Radio Off. What's weirder is that when I turn on Airplane mode, the icon blinks a lot (like 15 seconds), and then when I turn airplane mode off I can temporarily see the T-Mobile network, and the service state switches to "In service" and I'll see 4G LTE. Then after ~20 seconds I lose all service and the Service State is "Radio Off". Ideas? Help?

Have you applied the latest OTA from T-Mo?

So I sort of figured out the problem: I had to take the SIM card out of the phone, wait a few secs and put it back. It might need to reset? Now I can see the T-Mobile LTE network, text (including MMS!), and go on the internet...but calling doesn't work. It will let me make a call, and it will even connect, but I don't hear a ringtone or the callers voice, and the receiving phone doesn't hear me. Wi-Fi calling workings great. Any ideas on this problem? I've tried removing the SIM again but that didn't help.

I'm OTA all the way up to 4.3.3 Sense 6.0.

It's so phone will ring for incoming calls, but when I pick up, no sound on either calling or receiving phones, yet they both show connected. lf I put the wi-fi calling on, I can receive the call no problem. Help?

WOW..the fix is ridiculously stupid...remove Blinkfeed. Why o why that matters I don't know, but my calls worked immediately. Hope this helps someone out there...

Does this guide work for HBOOT 1.57 ? Mine is HTC One Unlocked (Dev Edition) Unlocked by HTCDev and Rooted. Which version of ARHD should I try ? Which SOFF software will be helpful to get S-OFF.

Getting this error message when trying to change the CID, any ideas?

will i be able to get updates if i switch networks?
i have a at&t unlock m7 but bcuz im in another country it doesnt seem to update
will this help me get updates? still running 4.1.2 android

You will get updates, but be sure to keep the changed CID/MID. Also, don't root or unlock your bootloader if you want to install OTAs.

Hi ,
i have ONE m7 & i want to install ruu without to change MID &CID it is possible ?

If you plan on switching carriers you will need to change MID/CID.

Hi Andrew,

I just purchased a brand new AT&T M7. Do I need to get it unlocked for T-Mobile first to have it work? After your directions will all the Lte,3g bands work for tmobile?

I recently bought an unlocked AT&T HTC One M7 PN07120 from eBay and when I am running "fastboot get var all" I got this info:

INFOversion: 0.5
INFOversion-bootloader: 1.57.0000
INFOversion-baseband: 4T.29.3218.0810.33F.1718.01L
INFOversion-cpld: None
INFOversion-microp: None
INFOversion-main: 6.09.401.12
INFOversion-misc: PVT SHIP S-OFF
INFOmeid: 00000000000000
INFOproduct: m7 ul
INFOplatform: HBOOT-8064
INFOmodelid: PN071**
INFOcidnum: 11111111
INFObattery-status: good
INFObattery-voltage: 4157mV
INFOpartition-layout: Generic
INFOsecurity: off
INFObuild-mode: SHIP
INFOcommitno-bootloader: dirty-6d8a0b9b
INFOhbootpreupdate: 11
INFOgencheckpt: 0

This device Running Android Version : 4.4.3 (KitKat) HTC Europe
Build Version : KTU84L release-keys
Android ID : 5de83ea34743da44

Kernel Info : Linux version 3.4.10-g40b189c (and@ABM012) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Dec 15 23:42:04 CST 2014

So, this device will support 4G LTE in 1800MHz, 800MHz, 2600MhHz bands or not please help.

Is there anyway or possible to convert My AT&T HTC ONE M7 to support 4G LTE in Europe in this 1800MHz, 800MHz, 2600MhHz bands or not.

Andrew, I have the AT&T M7 rooted, S-OFF and successfully converted to GPE with Lollipop. I have the unlock code, but it would only work with stock RUU. I tried to change it back to original RUU but every file I downloaded so far shows fails and asks me to get the correct file. I have Hboot 1.54 and so far nothing works...any idea..??? thanks in advance...

I have the CID changed to 11111111 from AT&T and still doesnt work..

It asks me to get the correct file. Looks like the version of the file that Im trying to load is different from the existing one..the existing one is android 5 lollipop.

If you are S-Off it does not matter which version number you are flashing. Copy over the exact fastboot error you get.

Error 155: unknown error
The ROM update utility cannot update your android phone
Please get the correct ROM update utility and try again.

This is the error I get. I changed the CID to AT&T CWS_111 and S-off and Unlocked. Pls adv

Hi can it be unlocked to GSM if it is Verizon? I need to use it on At&t. Thank you.

It may, but the service will probably be bad since it is meant to be used on a CDMA network.

Hello! How come when I download the MID Change zip file onto the phone it will not show up in the installer? I tried directly downloading it from the phone browser and dragging it in from external memory but neither are working!

Did you navigate to your Downloads folder from the install menu?

Actually I managed to find it after searching through different downloads folders (for some reason there were several). Just wondering how come switching to T-mobile still makes my sim card locked? Does this mean I have to go through the sim unlocking procedure? My phone was supposedly unlocked before for the previous useruser, it even says unlocked on hboot

Unlocked on the bootloader menu means that your bootloader is unlocked, not your phone.

Should I change my MID if I want to go to Cyanogenmod.

At he moment the only recovery TWRP- work for me, others crash, no CWM would work either. Tried flashing different RUU, but nothing helps to push newest TWRP/CWM recovery image. So please, advice if the MID or CID make the trouble

(bootloader) version-bootloader: 1.61.0000
(bootloader) version-baseband: 4T.35.3218.16
(bootloader) version-main: 7.18.531.2
(bootloader) version-misc: PVT SHIP S-OFF
(bootloader) product: m7ul
(bootloader) platform: HBOOT-8064
(bootloader) modelid: PN0710000
(bootloader) cidnum: 11111111
(bootloader) commitno-bootloader: dirty-331585dd

Andrew, Thank you for reply. Yes, I did use images from te list above, still the same issue-does not log into recovery. Only does.

I know my request is a bit off topic. However tryng to find solution.
Is it possible that kernel, or hboot version does not allow me flash succesfully new TWRP/CWM recoveries?

When i flash other recovery version than twrp2.6.3.3 and go to recovery mode, it just freezes saying Entering recovery.

Hi. I know this is an old post, so if you are still answering questions, great! I have a HTC one m7 on sprint. my commitment is over and I would like to go to straighttalk or boost mobile. I called both of these carriers and they told me that my phone is incompatible and will not work on their networks. Will this work to get my phone on one of those networks? Thanks!.

If you are S-Off you may want to try this guide on XDA which is specific for unlocking Sprint phones. Then just look up which frequencies straighttalk or boost mobile use and see if they are compatible with the Sprint M7.

help plz htc on m7 tmobile brack fastboot only no other option work power on see tampered relocked s on hboot 1 57 0000 4t 32 120 3218 14 v 32 120 274 0909 plz HELP ANDREW GODINEZ

Hi Andrew, thank you for posting this thorough step-by-step guide. Everything went flawless except when I'm at the stage of pushing the to the device. Error: cannot load 'Desktop/' I even tried 'C:\'. I'm on Windows 7, HBOOT-1.56.0000. Please help! Thanks again.

I saved it to my Desktop as well as C: drive.

I achieved S-Off and relocked my bootloader.

Thank you.

Send me a screenshot of your CMD prompt commands and I'll see if I can help you get sorted out. Also what RUU are you using and what is your M7's current CID/MID?

I have an HTC One M7 that I purchased from Cincinnati Bell. When they sold their business to Verizon, they provided us with unlock codes so we could go to another carrier and use our existing phones. I moved to AT&T.

I have not received any Lollipop updates from AT&T and am curious if these instructions might allow me to get Lollipop on my phone.

I don't want to brick my phone, so first is there any fool proof way of backing up the entire phone as it is now so that If anything does go awry with this update, I can recover from my backup?

Second what CID and MID would I use since I have a Cincinnati Bell HTC One M7 but am now using the AT&T network?

If you have TWRP installed on your device you can perform a full system back up that you can store on your computer for safe keeping. Doing this will require S-Off so be sure to have that before attempting. Then all you have to do is change your MID to PN0712000 and CID to CWS_001 and follow this guide.

Hi Andrew. I have a big problem on my htc one m7 China version. I live in Nigeria.I was trying to install twrp and i had d busybox app installed along the way,finally i wasnt able to install the twrp and the next day i tried to reboot my phone,surprisingly it came on for about 1 minute within which netwok,beats audio and some other functions did not work.and thats how it keeps on restarting. Please i dont know what the problem might be and i would like to know if it can be fixed by installing a new ruu and if i can pull out my files especially pictures before installing the ruu coz i assume all files get lost in the process.the phone is rooted and unlocked.please i need a step by step guide on how to go about the process on windows os.i dont know how to use adb or sdk and all those apps.i would like you to put me through how to do it from the scratch.thanks

No.but i can boot into cwm.i even did a nandroid backup and did a factory reset.all to np avail.

Use this XDA tool to install adb and then when you have your One in CWM use the adb pull command to pull your entire internal storage to your computer. First create a folder titled M7 directly on your C: drive and then open up CMD and use the pull command: "adb pull /sdcard/ C:/M7"

That command will place your entire internal storage within the M7 folder, so you can run an RUU without fear of losing your saved pictures and videos.

Hi Andrew, first up this is a great how-to guide. Kudos!

I was wondering whether taking this approach will change the GSM/LTE bands that the phone can connect via. In my case I have an unlocked AT&T branded M8 and want to switch it to T-Mobile US, primarily because I currently can't get MMS or Hotspot even though I can get calls and LTE data via the T-Mo APN. So hypothetically, e.g. if the AT&T M8 supports bands a,b,c and T-Mo version supports bands d,e,f - when I install the T-Mo RUU, will the phone change to supporting bands d,e,f? (I actually don't want that to happen since the AT&T bands are better for my purposes even using a T-Mo SIM most of the time.)

Thanks in advance!

This will not unlock additional bands. However, it will flash the T-Mobile radio, so that may improve performance.

Great, thanks for explaining. So it won't lock any bands either?

No, but it may improve connectivity.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the guide. I am wondering if doing s-off and changing firmware from att to tmobile will fix my gps issue. my gps was working fine on kitkat (although weak), but it keeps blinking in statusbar and doesn't lock at all in lollipop. I am using tmobile on an unlocked att one m7. Is this a hardware or software issue, and does changing firmware wipe the device of old, remnant files? Thanks!

The RUU will completely wipe your device, but it may improve your reception with TMobile since it sounds like a software issue.

hi Andrew.I have an at&t htc one m7. I live in india. i want to install indian htc one rom. So that i can get ota updates. i have bootloader unlocked and s off. please help

Andrew, you've been very patient to continue helping people with this post after a year. Thank you. I also have a question that i can't find an answer to in Google. I have purchased a HTC One M7 (at&t branding) and I am using it outside US, in Aust, where we have GSM. Unlocked, with another carrier SIM, it's working for calls and SMS, but not for internet/data. Adding in the correct APN details did not correct it. I am very prepared to follow your instructions but here is my question: Do I need to perform this or every time I change carrier? Ideally I would like to set the phone up so it will work on any carrier. Is this possible?

Thank you again for personalised service. I did try to find an answer before I posted :(

There are limits to which carrier you can use on each phone. The bands a phone is compatible with can be found through a quick google search and you can compare that to the bands on your target carrier

Hi Andrew. Thanks for putting this guide together as it is really useful. I used it before to change my HTC to MID PN0712000 (don't remember what it was before that). I want to change it again to TMobile PN0713000, but it stops at 5% and only says wiping cache. I've tried at least 4 times and no luck. Any advice?

At which part does it get stuck at 5%?

This is all I get to see, wiping / cache

I did try it, but I got a permission denied error. Right now my device is semi-bricked for trying stuff out.

Yes, I'm S-Off. Right now the phone is on a weird state. The screen is permanently black. When I turn it on it goes directly into fastboot (i know because fastboot tells me so). But can't get it out of that state, or for the screen to show anything.

Any help will be appreciated:

D:\mini-sdk>fastboot getvar all
(bootloader) version: 0.5
(bootloader) version-bootloader: 1.39.2000
(bootloader) version-baseband: N/A
(bootloader) version-cpld: None
(bootloader) version-microp: None
(bootloader) version-main: 1.29.531.11
(bootloader) version-misc: PVT ENG S-OFF
(bootloader) serialno: HT449W900084
(bootloader) imei:
(bootloader) meid: 00000000000000
(bootloader) product: m7ul
(bootloader) platform: HBOOT-8064
(bootloader) modelid: PN0712000
(bootloader) cidnum: T-MOB010
(bootloader) battery-status: good
(bootloader) battery-voltage: 4236mV
(bootloader) partition-layout: Generic
(bootloader) security: off
(bootloader) build-mode: ENG
(bootloader) boot-mode: FASTBOOT
(bootloader) commitno-bootloader: 080b6f61
(bootloader) hbootpreupdate: 11
(bootloader) gencheckpt: 0
all: Done!

I'd first try to get your phone back to a functioning state by returning your CID to your previous working one and then flashing an RUU to get your phone to boot. Once its back working change your CID/MID to T-Mobile and then run that RUU again.

So I have a Verizon unlocked htc m7 that I am using with T-mobile, it is a global phone with GSM/LTE compatibility. Unfortunately I am not able to use tmobile's 4g bands because from my understanding Verizion uses a different frequency. Will this method work to unlock those bands or is there another way to do it? Thank you

Those bands are hardware specific. There is no way to unlock them on your device.

i have verizon locked htc one m7, can i use this phone in INdia with gsm carriers by flashing htc m7 ul roms for gsm netwrk india by changing mid and cid???

I am on boot 1.61, i have tried several free tools to get s-off but nothing worked, is it absolutely necessary to get s-off, can you suggest how to get s-off freely?. I have a att htc one m7 unlocked and rooted, i switched to t=mobile but the hotspot doesn't work, i am hoping moving to a t-mobile ruu version might set things right for me.

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