How To: Get Missed Calls & Contact Numbers from Your Phone—Without Having Your Phone

Get Missed Calls & Contact Numbers from Your Phone—Without Having Your Phone

As much as it pains me to say it, without my phone, I would pretty much be useless. I can barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday, let alone all of the hundreds of numbers in my contact list. That's why whenever I forget my phone at home, I am pretty much stuck having to choose whether I want to be late to wherever I'm going, or feeling completely lost and disconnected for the rest of the day.

Sometimes turning around and going back home is out of the question, so we can use the app SMS Boomerang to get vital information no matter where your phone is. SMS Boomerang, created by T.Albano & A.Vorraro, allows you to send an SMS to your Android phone, and in return, it responds with contact numbers and missed call logs.

After installing SMS Boomerang for free from Google Play, go ahead and open it up. You'll notice right away that there isn't much to it—just create a password that is at least 5 characters long and tap Submit.

There are two SMS commands that are recognized by SMS Boomerang. The first is name-of-contact [password], which will send the phone number of the target contact to another phone.

The second is -c [password], and that one will give you a list of all the missed calls on your device.

Unfortunately, the this app does not have a blacklist enabled yet, so anyone that knows your SMS Boomerang password can send the commands. An easy way to stop this from being an issue is to make a strong password and always delete the texts you send from another person's phone.

But in any regard, now all you need to stay on top of your your calls when you don't have your phone is a friend or coworkers device to borrow. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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I suspect it's wishful thinking to use this at all if the phone suddenly croaks? I can't get it working even using different batteries. I put fully charged battery in phone & it turns on only to turn off immediately & the battery is suddenly dead. Now I can't even charge any of the batteries. So I've decided the phone's broke, I'm broke, so my service will be canceled at end of the month! (Geez my cat has gone crazy & keeps jumping on the keyboard if there's something weird in this message I've missed. Sorry)

Ouch! What device do you have? Was it some sort or mod or something that caused this behavior?

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