How To: Get Karaoke-Style Floating Lyrics for Any Song on Your HTC One

Get Karaoke-Style Floating Lyrics for Any Song on Your HTC One

We've previously shown you an app called Floating Lyrics which displayed song lyrics in a, you guessed it, floating window. And while that app was great for any minimalist, it was pretty bare bones overall.

On the other hand, musiXmatch is a full-featured lyric fetching app, and so much more. It has Shazam-like music matching and, best of all, lyric syncing, so you can always follow along with the current track as it progresses.

There are a ton of other features included with musiXmatch, but more on that later. As long as you have an HTC One or other Android device running Android 2.3 or above, you are all set to get started.

Installing musiXmatch on Your Device

musiXmatch Music Player Lyrics is completely free and does not need root permission to install, so go ahead and download it directly from Google Play.

Fetching Lyrics for Songs with musiXmatch

After the install finishes, the process will start running in the background. Now whenever you play a song, either within musiXmatch or from another music app, the lyrics will be displayed in real time.

Even better, the developers added a Facebook Messenger-like chat head feature so you can easily minimize the lyric popup if it gets in your way. To dismiss the popup entirely, either tap the notification in the notification shade or drag the chat head to the X icon after pressing and holding it.

If you are playing from with the musiXmatch app, you can also cast to a Chromecast, turning your living room into a karaoke bar.

Customizing Notifications in musiXmatch

By default, the lyrics popup will overlay on top of your apps, but if you want it to auto-switch to the chat head mode when you leave the Now Playing screen, enable the option from Settings -> Manage Notifications -> Floating Lyrics Options -> Smart minimize.

You can also make it so that your device will not lock itself when the lyrics are shown by enabling Stay Awake.

Identifying New Music in musiXmatch

Just like Shazam, musiXmatch comes with a service to identify any song playing. Once it has identified the song, the app will also show its lyrics and links to watch the video on YouTube or stream it on Spotify.

Sing Along Karaoke-Style with musiXmatch

While not all of us are the best singers out there, there is no shame in belting out your favorite jams in the privacy of your own home. So if you already have a bunch of MP3s loaded up on your device's Music folder, tap the menu icon when playing a song in musiXmatch, then tap Sing. musiXmatch will then strip the vocals off the file and let you sing along!

This works best with headphones plugged in, so keep that mind, and if you are really itching to test your music chops, there is also a musiXmatch Mic you can buy as well.

This app works incredibly well, and with it you can now learn any song or test out your singing skills without ever having to stand up on stage at karaoke night.

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