How To: Boost Your HTC One's Audio Quality with SnapDragon Audio+

Boost Your HTC One's Audio Quality with SnapDragon Audio+

The HTC One has proven to be the industry standard in mobile audio performance. With BoomSound and Harman/Kardon technology backing its front-facing speakers, there is no doubt that every other flagship out there pales in comparison. Despite this, HTC didn't include a decent equalizer on the One. The M7 had Beats but the M8 doesn't have anything.

All that power, and no decent software to compliment it. Tsk, tsk.

Most other smartphones come with some kind of equalizer preloaded, most notably the LG G3 and its SnapDragon Audio+ equalizer. Since the equalizer ties in directly with the Qualcomm chip powering the G3, developer Red Imitation came up with a way to port it to every other phone using a similar processor.

The app will work with any SnapDragon-running rooted Android device, including the HTC One M7 and M8. Additionally, make sure to have installation from "Unknown sources" enabled on your device, since the app we'll be using isn't available through the Google Play Store.

Step 1: Download MusixFX

Download the MusicFX.apk file, but do not install it just yet—this app needs to be installed to your System folder in order to work properly.

In order to install it as a system app, you'll need a root-capable file manager, like ES File Explorer, which is what I use.

Step 2: Install Music FX as a System App

After the download has finished, open ES File Explorer and copy the MusicFX.apk file, then head to the /system/app/ folder and paste it there. After it's been moved over, long-press the file, hit the three-dot menu button, and change its permissions to RW-R-R (as shown below).

Now reboot your device and set MusicFX as your default equalizer. To do that, open up any music app, like Google Play Music, find the Equalizer option from the Settings, and select MusicFX.

Step 3: Customize Sound Settings

SnapDragon Audio+ comes with a few pre-made options, but just like any other equalizer, you can create your own custom levels.

I noticed deeper bass right after activating the equalizer, and coupled with the Harman/Kardon audio effects, it completely changed the way I listen to music on my phone.

When you have headphones plugged in, you'll see additional options for changing your bass and surround sound levels, making those cheap earbuds that came with your One sound like they weren't just a last-ditch throw in.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Dude I accidentally installed musicfx.apk before putting it in the system/app folder. Now when I try to put it in the system folder it wont let me and says erofs: read-only file. How do I fix that?

I think you're S-ON. You must S-OFF your device for write in /system

Followed instructions exactly but when I try to enable it I get a message that musuc Fx had stopped.

What version of Sense/Android are you running?

Tap Root Explorer from the ES File Explorer slide out menu and then mount /system/ as RW.

I installed it as a normal app on a non rooted device and now I have music effects in audio settings. This app doesn't work but it allowed me to install another equalizer off the market. Before I installed this equalizers would make the audio quieter and sy it's incompatible.

Equalizer does not improve the sound, it only makes it more unnatural, muddy. With equalizer you just increase some frequencies and then hear less of the others, the sound will be coloured - this has nothing to do with improving quality.

"All that power, and no decent software to compliment it. Tsk, tsk." Is software meant to tell your phone it is pretty or that it has a lot of power ?

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