How To: Blend Your Android's Status & Nav Bars to Match Any App's Color Scheme

Blend Your Android's Status & Nav Bars to Match Any App's Color Scheme

While we wait for our chance to get our hands on Android Lollipop, Google has already released Material Design updates to most of their apps. I love the new direction of the updated UI, but something just seemed to be lacking in tying everything together.

That was the case until I came across a new Xposed module from developer ibocharov called Flat Style Colored Bars. Not only does this module change your status bar's color to match the app you're in, like Tinted Status Bar does, but it blends your navigation bar as well.

Since this is an Xposed module, you will need to have Xposed Framework installed on your rooted Android device.

Step 1: Install Flat Style Colored Bars

Just like any other Xposed module, you can download Flat Style Colored Bars from the "Download" section of the Xposed Installer app.

Once the download and installation are finished, you will need to reboot your device. There is no need to set anything up after that—the status and navigation bar color changes are applied automatically.

Step 2: Enable Config Buttons (Optional)

Flat Style Colored Bars also comes with a way to manually define colors. You will first need to enable "Show config buttons" from the module options in Xposed, (Modules -> Flat Style Colored Bars), then hit the arrow that pops up on the top left of your screen. From that pull out menu, you can tap either "S" or "N" to change the status or navigation bars.

All in all, I've found this mod to be fairly seamless in its operation, and haven't had the need to manually adjust colors for any apps. Let us know what you think in the comments below or on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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My device in gionee elife e3 with KitKat. But this device doesn't support transparent status bar.

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